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Green is the colour for Duron Carter

Published: Thursday, Feb 8th 2018, 5:02am

by Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

So, when it comes to Duron Carter I guess green really is the colour.

This past week the CFL social media was ablaze with news that Carter was charged with possession of marijuana after having his bag searched at the Saskatoon airport. Shortly after that news broke it was also reported that this was his second offence this offseason, as he was caught with 30 grams at the Winnipeg airport in November.

The reactions to the news of Carter’s legal issues ranged everywhere from “Cut him” to “who cares it is going to be legal soon.”

To those that think he Riders should cut him.

Short Answer: Ya that ain’t happening.

Long answer: Ya, that ain’t happening for many reasons. First, from a personnel perspective, Carter was the Riders’ nominee for most outstanding player when he is laser focussed there is no player better on the field on both sides of the ball.

Secondly, the CFL’s current drug policy has no policy covering illicit drugs. Which is why when Josh Gordon was suspended in the NFL for multiple pot violations, the Calgary Stampeders put him on their neg list immediately hoping he would come up north.

Third, while the Riders did put in a code of conduct in place in 2007, it hasn’t been enforced much in recent years, even before Chris Jones took over.  While there were players that it should have been enforced sooner (see Cox, Justin), making an example out of Carter is not the best move here. Especially knowing another team will probably pick him up in a heartbeat.

To the “Who cares” crowd.

While marijuana in small quantities will be legal in a few short months, 30 grams will unfortunately still be illegal and right that carries a jail sentence up to a year if it is the first offence.

He made a very stupid decision and he made it twice. One would think he would learn after the first time that marijuana will most likely be discovered in an airport.

I am sure his lawyer will push the court proceedings down the line till either the season is over, or they divert him to an alternative measures program which will remove him from the court system entirely. The chances of this either sending Carter to jail or losing his ability to work in Canada are as about as likely as Johnny Manziel being the MOP this upcoming season.

I am a big Duron Carter fan, a few months ago I wrote a piece about how he should be the face of the league… and I still believe it, but he needs to start to make smarter decisions outside of the game.

Or his time in the CFL could be up in smoke.

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