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Grey Cup 2020 Coming to Saskatchewan!!

Published: Thursday, Feb 21st 2019, 5:02pm

Get Ready Rider Nation, the CFL’s biggest party is coming back to Regina next year! The CFL just announced that the 2020 Grey Cup will in fact be played at Mosaic Stadium next November. This will be the first time that the big game will be held in Regina since 2013.


The Riders/Regina bid beat out Hamilton and Montreal for the game and we will get to show off our new stadium and amenities to the entire country.



Of course there are pros and cons to the Grey Cup being here… first the cons. 3 straight years in the west for the big game is a good way to alienate your eastern fan base. They are getting pretty upset that Alberta and now Saskatchewan have hosted the big game for the last 3 years.

Con…. I guess I should have said con. That’s the ONLY downside to the game being here.


Now for the pros. First, what a great opportunity for the City of Regina to show off the stadium to the entire CFL fan base. It’s second to none and is an incredible place to watch a game. Next, the team parties. If it’s anything like 2013, all the team parties (except for the Spirit of Edmonton, who do their own thing separately), will be right next door to the stadium at the Cooperators Centre at Evraz Place. The big soccer complex or the International Trade Centre will host Riderville and the other parties will be held in the other hockey rinks inside. In 2013, it really was the PERFECT set up. You buy one pass and can go from room to room, you didn’t have to go outside and there is some food options in there as well. We loved this idea and hope it remains the same.


Of course, people were wondering about the lack of hotels. Well there is a brand new hotel right beside the stadium, one of the downtown hotels isn’t under renovations this time… there are significantly more hotel rooms this time around. No need to worry.


Ridesharing is about to get passed in City Council in Regina, so that means Uber and Lyft will be available for people too, not just the frustrating cab services the city has. In 2013 it was almost impossible to get a cab (in the -40 weather too!) leaving the team parties, but with Uber and Lyft here, it will be much easier to find a safe ride home.


I will admit that last time Grey Cup was held in Regina, it was a great big green party, since the Riders were in the game and fans of other teams didn’t really make the trip out. Hopefully those from outside of Saskatchewan make the trip, because Grey Cup here is a fantastic experience. Here’s hoping for a similar result 😉



The league also announced that the 2021 Grey Cup game will be played in Hamilton.


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