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Grey Cup 2020 Festival in Regina Cancelled

Published: Wednesday, May 20th 2020, 8:05pm

By: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

This afternoon’s Town Hall with Randy Ambrosie was chock full of things that were cancelled, but the good thing is, one of those things is not (yet) the 2020 CFL season.

As of now, the CFL has announced that both Touchdown Atlantic (Saskatchewan vs Toronto in Halifax) and the 2020 Grey Cup Festival in Regina have been cancelled. Along with that, is any hope of a CFL season starting before September.

But there was no official cancellation of the 2020 CFL season. Instead, they gave us hope that the season could go on starting in September, with a slightly altered Grey Cup. Albeit a much shorter season, with talk of the Grey Cup moving into December. With an early September start, that could be as many as 12 games, though I think 8-10 is far more realistic.

Gone is the pre-planned location for the Grey Cup. Instead, the team with the best record (of the two teams vying for the title) will host the 2020 Grey Cup game. Could you imagine a Grey Cup in Regina in December? Yikes, that could be uncomfortable.

There is an upside for Saskatchewan – it has been confirmed that we will host the 2022 Grey Cup Festival to make up for losing this year’s edition, which to me was the only option. Sorry Rider Fans, there was no way they were moving Hamilton to 2022, it just would not make sense.

So to recap: Grey Cup 2020 in Regina has been cancelled. Touchdown Atlantic has been cancelled. The first half of 2020 has been cancelled. The 2022 Grey Cup game will be played in Regina. The 2020 season is still not yet cancelled, but is not yet officially a go either.

What are your thoughts on today’s announcement, Ridernation?



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