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Grey Cup Week – The BEST Time of the Year

Published: Saturday, Nov 17th 2018, 2:11pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)



It’s finally arrived. This truly is my most favourite week of the year, and not just of the CFL season. I’m including ALL 52 weeks of the calendar here.


Grey Cup week, no matter where it is, is always a great party and it’s not just about the dozens of events. It’s about the people. Unlike any other CFL game, you get fans of the LEAGUE at Grey Cup. You get the fans that are there even when their favourite team isn’t there. It’s a love fest for the league and it’s amazing fans and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The hospitality shown by the host city and fans has ALWAYS been great. Last year in Ottawa, the hosts were great!



This year will be my 8th Grey Cup. I’ve gone to the 2003 game in Regina, 2008 in Montreal, 2009 in Calgary (don’t remind me), 2010 in Edmonton, 2011 in Vancouver, 2013 in Regina, 2017 in Ottawa and now 2018 in Edmonton. This year will be a bit different for me, since we have most of our family living in Edmonton, so we will be having our Christmas with them a month early, so I won’t get to do as much ‘Grey Cupping’ as I would normally.


As a Rider fan, nothing will top 2013. Seeing the Riders win AT HOME, with all of our season ticket family was just incredible. I honestly hope that every CFL fan gets to see their team win at home once in their lifetime. Granted, that game sucked for everyone who wasn’t a Rider fan, the week lead up was fantastic and Regina put on one hell of a party.



I will say though, that my favourite Grey Cups have been those without my team in it. Obviously, I’d prefer my team in it, but it is kind of nice going into the week without any stress, you go to just enjoy the game and festivities and don’t wake up Grey Cup Sunday with that nervous feeling in your stomach.


2008 in Montreal is probably my favourite Grey Cup (maybe it was because I was young, single and in Montreal for just the 2nd time) because it had the best fan representation of ALL teams. My friend Tom and I went and we met an older Calgary Stampeders fan that was at his 59th straight Grey Cup. A true CFL fan legend. Guys like him are what I strive to be like.



Tiger Town and Riderville were in the same venue that year and it was great, but the real party is always the Spirit of Edmonton. My favourite part about it was getting a picture with fans of every team together. To me, this is what the CFL is all about!



Hell, you even see fans of the old American teams!



This is what I love about the CFL and specifically, about the Grey Cup. It’s about making lifelong friends that you may only see once a year. I can’t wait to get to Edmonton and enjoy Grey Cup this week and see some of the great #CFLFamily that I haven’t seen in a year. It really is my favourite time of the year.


If you see me at Grey Cup, come say hi! Even if we’ve never met, I’d love to meet you! I’ll be the one in green!


Oh, and if the Riders aren’t in it, I’m ALWAYS an Eastern Division fan. To heck with wanting my rivals to win. So, if anyone has some plaid, I will be an honourary REDBLACKS fan on Sunday. ABC after all!


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