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Is Everything (Mason) Fine in the Riders QB Room?

Published: Wednesday, Jan 24th 2024, 2:01am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Tuesday, the Riders announced that pending free agent Quarterback Mason Fine has signed a two year contract, keeping him with the team through 2025. As it stands now, Fine is behind Trevor Harris, but ahead of Antonio Pipkin and Shea Patterson on the depth chart going into Training Camp.


Judging by comments on social media from Rider fans about this signing, fans generally aren’t very excited about this. And neither am I. I really feel like the team should have kept Jake Dolegala instead. This likely means that Dolegala will enter free agency looking for a new home and it makes me wonder about the state of the Riders QB room.



Obviously, everything this season hitches on the health of Harris. But is Fine REALLY the next guy? I think he hit his ceiling and even when he did, he was still beat out for the job. He’s an okay enough backup, I guess, but given Harris’ age, we should be looking for the next one. I don’t hate the depth that the Riders have at QB, there is plenty of experience there, but it does nothing to excite me about the future of the team.


But maybe that’s it. Maybe the plan for the QBs isn’t supposed to be figured out this year. Maybe Head Coach Corey Mace has a name in mind for 2025… someone he is familiar with… possibly Cameron Dukes? The current #2 guy in Toronto behind Chad Kelly isn’t a free agent until next offseason and maybe signing Fine was just a bridge to give the team enough depth until they get their guy next year.


Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here, so back to reality. And the reality is that this screams like a previous regime signing. A very complacent signing and I don’t like that. Hopefully Mace and Offensive Coordinator Marc Mueller have seen what we haven’t seen of Fine on tape and they really think there is something there. But right now, I’m not (Mason) Fine with this signing.


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