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‘It Would Take Away From the CFL Game’ – Rider Returner Mario Alford Against Kickoff Rule Changes

Published: Thursday, Mar 28th 2024, 1:03pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The CFL, like all other football leagues are looking at kickoff rules and changing them up in the name of player safety. Kickoff returns in the NFL are basically non-existent now and that’s where the CFL has an advantage. It’s fun, it’s exciting, the return game (including punts) is a big chunk of our Canadian Football game and that’s something Saskatchewan Roughriders star returner Mario Alford hopes doesn’t change.


“It would take away from the CFL game. The CFL game is to have a return game, that’s what makes the CFL fun” Alford said on Episode 263 of The Piffles Podcast.

“Taking away the return game will take a huge hit on some of the great returners in this league now and some of the great cover guys that we have, so I think it will take a lot of excitement away from the game and make it hard on returners to show their abilities and what they can do.”



As for what Alford likes doing more, kickoff returns or punt returns, he prefers returning punts. “I feel like you can get jiggy more. I like them both, but I like punt returns more because if you can make that first guy (gunner) miss, then you’re off to the races.”


Alford is busy in the offseason getting ready for training camp by training all day when he is in North Carolina, but also cattle farming in West Virginia. When asked which of his teammates would be the WORST at helping out on the farm, it was a pretty easy answer: “Shawn BaneSam Emilusthose two right there wouldn’t even know what to do.” The BEST help on the farm? “(Logan) Ferland and I can see (running back) A.J. Ouellette . He’s a country boy, I can see him being a stud out there.”


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