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It’s Been a Crazy CFL Off-season… But Wait There’s More

Published: Thursday, Jan 11th 2018, 4:01am

By Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

This CFL off-season has been one big move after another. Key signings, trades, releases, coaching changes, new general managers, and yet another Wally Buono retirement tour. You would think things would at least slow down before free agency starts, however like old school Billy Mays and Oxy Clean… “But wait there’s more!”

Consequences in Montreal

I will fully admit for the longest time in my circle of friends I was known as the “Durant Apologist.” I believed in Darian as the starting Quarterback of the Riders and would defend him wholeheartedly when he was getting criticized for no reason.

However, I agreed with Chris Jones move to move on from Darian if they couldn’t come to an agreement on a team friendly deal. I also respected Darian’s decision to bet on himself when Jones was hired and not take the 2-year extension and try to earn the money he gave back in 2016.

After that, we know what happened.

Darian got traded and got his money in Montreal and was less than moderately successful. While the Riders cobbled together a 2-man QB platoon that was less than a minute from a Grey Cup appearance.

Now Montreal, to the surprise of no one, wants Darian to renegotiate his deal before a hefty bonus is due Monday, if not he will more than likely be released.

It is probably in Darian’s best interest to renegotiate if he wants any chance to start this season. As of right now he is top on the Montreal depth chart and can compete in camp as top dog. If he gets released there is not really a team that is looking to replace their starter and would be competing for number 2.

Montreal needs a lot of work to improve, and having Darian Durant at a team friendly price is probably a good start.

Is Trestman going to Austin the Argos?

Rumours are running rampant that after Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll cleaned house that Argos Head Coach Marc Trestman is on his short list for Offensive Coordinator.

While it wouldn’t be unheard for a coach to come in, turn a team around, win the Grey Cup his first year, then go back to the states ala Kent Austin. I don’t see this happening for a few reasons.

Trestman’s last few stops in the NFL were not entirely successful as Head Coach of the Bears and OC of the Ravens. While the Seahawks have a decent core and one of the most exciting QBs in the league in Russell Wilson, Trestman and GM Jim Popp can pretty much write their own tickets with the Argos.

They have a new facility, strong ownership, the projected next big CFL QB, and they have a Grey Cup to defend.

Quick Slants

– I left Manziel this long for a reason until he signs there isn’t much to say. While he would bring the league a ton of buzz, I have serious doubts he is worth the money his agent and he believes he is worth. Prove me wrong and win the starting job instead of selling hoodies.

– In a recent interview, Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins complained that their schedule didn’t help them. Can we go one season without Ottawa complaining about the schedule?

– Free agency is rapidly approaching, and the Riders still have some big names not signed like Duron Carter, Willie Jefferson, Nic Demsky, and Jeff Knox. When free agency hits it will be hard to see some of these guys go elsewhere.

– In accordance with the prophecy, Kevin Glenn has already had talks with the Eskimos. This NEEDS to happen. I wouldn’t even be mad if the Eskimos won the GC on home turf to complete all the circles for Glenn’s career. Maybe that will end the Hall of Fame debate…. doubt it.


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