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Jake Wieneke Brings Talents to Riderville

Published: Tuesday, Feb 14th 2023, 8:02pm

In another move that is a shock to no one, former Montreal Alouettes receiver Jake Wieneke is coming to Riderville! It was reported on last week during the negotiation window and now it’s official. For years, the Riders have lacked that go to target in the end zone and now they have it.


Wieneke had a down year last year with the Als, but before that had seasons of 11 and 8 TDs to start his career. He will bring chemistry with new Riders QB Trevor Harris and be an important part of a revamped Riders receiving group that includes Shawn Bane from the Calgary Stampeders and Juwan Brescacin of the Toronto Argonauts.


Steve, Greg and Alex will break this move down, along with all the other free agency moves by the Riders on the next episode of the Piffles Podcast!


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