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Kicking Competition Could Remedy Lauther’s Problems

Published: Tuesday, Jul 11th 2023, 1:07am

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


While the Riders have eeked out a 3-1 start to the season, one aspect of their game has fans on edge wondering if it will get better. What has happened to Brett Lauther and why can’t we be confident when he lines up for a field goal or extra points anymore? The issue seems to have started a bit in the 2022 season and now, the Riders have finally brought in some in-season competition for Brett FUQN Lauther, by signing Campbell Fair on Monday. 


Now, I’m a huge Brett Lauther fan and up until this season, my confidence in him was sky high. He WAS the best kicker in the CFL and there was no one else I trusted past 50 yards more than him. But something is off with him. Is it a bit of an injury? Maybe. Does he have more on his plate now with being the Saskatchewan Roughriders rep for the CFLPA? Yes and I think that has him thinking of other things at times. But now, with the field goal and extra point misses this season, it’s all between the ears with Lauther.


For the last couple of seasons, Lauther has been “challenged” by David Solie in Training Camp, but let’s be real, we knew what the end result of that competition would be. But now we are seeing someone brought in during the season to push him and I think that’s going to do wonders for him. I go back to an interview I heard with former Rider and CFL great (now Elks D-Line coach) Demetrius Maxie where he said that Coach Don Matthews cut him every practice and that’s how he had such a great career… Knowing you have to bring it EVERY day and not get complacent is something that is critical for all pro athletes and it’s what kept Maxie playing at an elite level for so long.


Hopefully this move lights a bit of a fire under Lauther and he goes back to being the best kicker in the league, like I know he is. For the Riders’ sake, they’ll need it.


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