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Published: Thursday, Jul 29th 2021, 2:07pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


My goodness, it’s been a long damn time.


After a year and a half, we are FINALLY here! The CFL season starts in ONE WEEK! Personally, I’m really excited for it. I REALLY thought I’d miss the CFL last year, but for some reason I didn’t miss it as much as I thought. Obviously, everyone’s lives changed and I’m no exception. I found many other things that took up a majority of my time. But right now, I’m really missing CFL football. Now that we’ve had a month of training camps and talking to players from across the league at work, it made me just that much more excited for games to start next Thursday.


I will miss The Reklaws song, as bad as it is… it sadly became a weird staple over the last few years. What I REALLY miss is the old CFL on TSN song…


Anyways, WE MADE IT! We are one week away from the start of the 2021 CFL season! Winnipeg will claim to defend their championship, we’ll see if Cody Fajardo and Vernon Adams can take the next step in their careers as starters, will Bo Levi Mitchell rebound from injuries, will Trevor Harris hit 6,000 yards passing? Oh I can’t wait!


For the Riders… well… I know they were 13-5 in 2019 and finished in first place which has only happened a couple of times in my life time, so I’m tempering expectations. And it’s not all the changes on D that worry me. It’s the Offensive Line, which looks…. offensive.


This is going to be the basis of the argument Greg and I will have on this week’s Piffles Podcast. How many wins will the Riders get this year? I’m torn, but that O-Line scares me. As I write this, Dan Clark is the only healthy returnee from 2019. Terran Vaughn is back at tackle too, but he’s nursing a shoulder injury. Evan Johnson is a nice addition, but he’s back in quarantine after leaving training camp to be with his wife as she gave birth to their child. Brett Boyko is here, but let’s be real… he was BAD in BC in 2019… and he’s going to start here? Yikes. More on this on the next episide of the show.


We’ll also have Derek Dennis on the show! We were supposed to have him last week, but Greg’s power went out during the thunderstorm we got and Derek Dennis actually lost power in Arizona that night. We’re all set for the show on Thursday night though! He is going to tell us exactly what the hell happened in Edmonton, why Brock Sunderland won’t just release or trade him and if this is it for his football career. Stay tuned for that, he’s NEVER been one to hold back.


Overall, I’m just excited we have our league back and it’s not just talking about speculation anymore! ONE WEEK!


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