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Piffles Bowl Recap and Donation Total

Published: Saturday, Aug 19th 2017, 5:08pm

Thank you to everyone who came last night to make the 1st Annual Piffles Bowl for Hope’s Home a success. We want to first thank Bakari Grant and Dariusz Bladek for joining us on the field. We appreciate you taking time out of your bye week to help raise money for a great cause. A big thank you to all of those who registered/donated. This event could not have been successful without you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We split everyone amongst three teams. Team Grey (Safimod), Team Black (Alex/Amy/Greg), Team Pink (Ferlin). Team Grey (Safimod) defeated Team Black (Alex/Amy/Greg) 13-6 in the finals for the first ever Piffles Bowl championship.

Congratulations to Eldon Amendt for successfully kicking a 30-yard field goal to win the Kicking Competition and a $20 gift certificate to Coney Island Poutine Café.

In the all-in game at the end, Team Bakari pulled out a 28-21 victory over Team Bladek in a close fought battle.

The after event at Canadian Brewhouse was a ton of fun, although we want to apologize to those in attendance about the mix-up regarding the $7 deal. It was communicated to us incorrectly, and we will follow up with the brewhouse on Monday to find out exactly what happened. The silent auction raised a total of $360, with items from Hillberg & Berk, the Riders and Tattoo Underground. Congratulations to the big winners of those items.

In the end, this was about raising money for a great cause, and we were able to do that with everyone’s help. Between the game, the raffle/silent auction, and the shirt sales we have reached a grand total of $1505 raised for a great cause.

We do stil have Piffles Podcast shirts for sale from the event, so if you want one in Green, Pink, Grey or Black let us know. We will ship them to you. $20 gets you a t-shirt, with all proceeds still going to Hope’s Home in Regina.

This event was put together in a short time, but we learned a lot putting it together. We will be back next year with a bigger and better version of the Piffles Bowl. Can’t wait to see you all out there.

Thank You Section

Thank you to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who helped our event by covering the rental costs of the field at Mosaic Stadium. Thank you also to Bakari Grant, for co-hosting the event, and providing us with footballs/equipment

Thank you to Hope’s Home, for letting us hold this event in your name. 

Thank you to Torchy’s Sports Imaging for discounting the cost of the shirts. 

Thank you to the Canadian Brewhouse – Grasslands for providing with the space to hold our after event. The staff was great!

Thank you to the following companies that provided items for the silent auction/raffle:

Saskatchewan Roughriders, Tattoo Underground, The Last Straw Brew Pub, Bushwakker, Bee Mishak – Jamberry, Jill Prunter – Monat, The Saskatchewan Science Center, Laser Quest, Keyquest, Harvard Developments, The CFL. If anyone was missed in this list, we apologize. 

Thank you to Krystal Safinuk, for helping setup the raffle items at the Brewhouse, as well as manning the raffle tickets all night.

Most of all – thanks to all of you who came out and made this event successful. Without you, there wouldn’t be a donation to Hope’s Home. So thank you for coming out and spending Friday evening with us.


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