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Piffles Picks – Week 3

Published: Thursday, Jun 20th 2024, 5:06am

Anytime a week starts off with a Winni… sorry, Linnipeg loss, it’s a good week, even if only one of the three of us picked it. Sadly, we have to wait an extra day for the Bombers to lose this week, but Friday night’s are also good for the Bombers to falter, too!


Anyway, here’s how the guys see the games going (against the spread) in Week 3:


Ottawa @ Montreal (-9)

Alex: Montreal

Steve: Ottawa

Greg: Ottawa


BC @ Winnipeg (-3.5)

Alex: Winnipeg

Steve: BC

Greg: BC


Edmonton @ Toronto (-6)

Alex: Toronto

Steve: Toronto

Greg: Edmonton


Hamilton @ Saskatchewan (-2.5)

Alex: Saskatchewan

Steve: Saskatchewan

Greg: Saskatchewan


Last week against the spread: 

Alex – 0-4

Steve – 1-3

Greg – 0-4


Current season record: 

Alex – 1-7

Steve – 2-6

Greg – 2-6


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