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Piffles Picks – Week 4

Published: Thursday, Jun 27th 2024, 5:06am

Greg had himself a good week last week while Alex continues to struggle against the spread… but he keeps picking the Riders to win and that’s all that matters!


Here’s how the guys see the games going (against the spread) in Week 4:


Edmonton @ BC (- 8)

Alex: BC

Steve: Edmonton

Greg: BC


Montreal (-1.5) @ Toronto

Alex: Toronto

Steve: Toronto

Greg: Montreal


Winnipeg (-5) @ Calgary 

Alex: Winnipeg

Steve: Calgary

Greg: Calgary

*Disclaimer: Alex said on The Piffles Podcast that he keeps picking Winnipeg because he’s been wrong about them all season and will continue to pick them and be wrong. For the greater good.*


Hamilton @ Ottawa (-7)

Alex: Hamilton

Steve: Hamilton

Greg: Hamilton


Last week against the spread: 

Alex – 2-2

Steve – 2-2

Greg – 3-1


Current season record: 

Alex – 3-9

Steve – 4-8

Greg – 5-7


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