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2024 Piffles Power Rankings – Week 2

Published: Tuesday, Jun 11th 2024, 8:06am

By: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

A crazy week in the CFL where all of the betting underdogs walked away victorious has our Piffles Power Rankings looking a little different heading into week 2. As mentioned, Greg, Alex and myself will all be creating our own separate power rankings each week – we will combine those into one official list. Without further ado, here is week 2’s Piffles Power Rankings

1 – Montreal

 Greg – Champs win and keep top spot. This should be as obvious as not placing a bet on a game that you are playing in.

2 – Toronto

Stephen – I’m high on Cameron Dukes’ potential, and he put on a show in week 1 versus the BC Lions. The reports of the Argos death may be greatly exaggerated.

3 – Saskatchewan

Greg – It wasn’t perfect, but the Riders showed growth. Let see what the Riders can build from here.

4 – BC

Alex – Big play VA will still make plays, but that offensive line was just that… offensive. If they don’t shore that up asap, they’ll drop down this list fairly quickly

5 – Calgary

Alex – Jake Maier looked good against a terrible defense in the Ticats. Their receivers seem much better than last year, though.

6 – Hamilton

Steve – It was too little, too late for the Hamilton Tiger Cats on Bo Levi’s return to Calgary. Going to need a better start in week 2 versus Saskatchewan if they want to see 1-1.

7 – Winnipeg

Alex – Maybe play your starters in the preseason for a little bit? This team was AWFUL in week 1… is the downfall here?

(Author’s note: Alex actually had the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ranked dead last after their week 1 performance)

8 – Edmonton

Greg – The Elks are going to remain the “L-ks” until they can figure out how to stop shooting themselves in the foot. They make too many mistakes to be taken as a threat.

9 – Ottawa

Steve – To be the man, you have to beat the man…. But to get out from power rankings purgatory, you need to actually win a football game.


Individual rankings:


1- Montreal
2- Toronto
3- Saskatchewan
4- BC
5- Calgary
6- Winnipeg
7- Hamilton
8- Ottawa
9- Edmonton


1- Montreal
2- BC
3- Saskatchewan
4- Toronto
5- Calgary
6- Hamilton
7- Winnipeg
8- Edmonton
9- Ottawa


1- Montreal
2- Toronto
3- Saskatchewan
4- BC
5- Calgary
6- Edmonton
7- Ottawa
8- Hamilton
9- Winnipeg





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