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Piffles Predictions – BOLD 2024 CFL Predictions

Published: Wednesday, Jun 5th 2024, 1:06pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


We here at The Piffles Podcast continue to get ready for the opening kickoff of the CFL season this Thursday by giving you some more of our predictions for the season!

We started off the week with our Standings Predictions and the always popular Power Rankings (which, surprisingly, all three of us had exactly the same).


In this edition of Piffles Predictions, here are our BOLD… no wait, BOLD (much better) CFL Predictions for the 2024 season:

Alex – If you looked at my standings predictions, I had Winnipeg at 9-9… but I also had them in 4th in the West with them being tied with 3rd in the East for a crossover spot. So I’m proclaiming it now! THE WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS MISS THE PLAYOFFS IN 2024!

Greg – We all have the Riders making the playoffs, which isn’t THAT bold, but beating both Winnipeg AND BC to get to the Grey Cup… then winning it over their former franchise QB Cody Fajardo? Give me that. The Riders WIN the Grey Cup in Corey Mace’s first season as a head coach!

Steve – This is the year, it finally happens. After winning the offseason EVERY year, the Ottawa Redblacks FINALLY make their leap and make the playoffs. But that’s not all, the Redblacks HOST a playoff game!


Be sure to check out Episode 272 of the show where we make even more predictions, including who wins the Grey Cup and our Roughrider team award winners!


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