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Piffles Predictions – Saskatchewan Roughriders Award Winners

Published: Friday, Jun 7th 2024, 7:06am

Just one more day until your Saskatchewan Roughriders open the 2024 season in Edmonton against the Elks and we here at The Piffles Podcast have one more set of predictions to make before we kick off… who is going to be the Roughriders Team Nominees for the CFL Player Awards at the end of the season?


We made our picks on this week’s episode of The Piffles Podcast and we all needed to pick different players. Here’s what we decided on.


Most Outstanding Player

Alex – WR Shawn Bane Jr.

Greg – QB Trevor Harris

Steve – WR Kian Schaffer-Baker


Defensive Player of the Year

Alex – LB C.J. Reavis

Greg – LB Jameer Thurman

Steve – DL Anthony Lanier II


Offensive Lineman of the Year

Alex – OL Peter Godber

Greg – OL Logan Ferland

Steve – OL Jermarcus Hardrick


Rookie of the Year

Alex – WR KeeSean Johnson

Greg – WR Ajou Ajou

Steve – LB Melique Straker


Canadian Player of the Year

Alex – WR Sam Emilus

Greg – K Brett Lauther

Steve – WR Kian Schaffer-Baker


Special Teams Player of the Year

Alex – LB Melique Straker

Greg – K Brett Lauther

Steve – KR Mario Alford


And as an added bonus, we created our own unofficial category for someone who is going to sneak under the radar, not necessarily put up the best stats, but is going to be an important piece to the Riders’ success this year.

Unsung Hero of the Year

Alex – OL Trevor Reid

Greg – DB Jayden Dalke/Jaxon Ford

Steve – DL Micah Johnson


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