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Piffles Top 5 – Best Things About the CFL

Published: Friday, Jun 30th 2023, 1:06pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


It’s Canada Day weekend, so it’s time to celebrate some Canadiana! This week’s Top 5 celebrates the CFL and what I love the most about OUR league!


1. Canadian Football League Fans – The obvious, the reason I love the league and will never stop loving the league. It doesn’t matter what team you cheer for, you always feel welcomed in any CFL city because the fans are top notch people. I’ve met some incredible, lifetime friends through my love for the league and that’s more important to me than results of a game. Going to Grey Cup week is one of the greatest highlights you will ever have. Fans of every team around, fans from the US still rocking US Expansion teams gear, it’s the best party in Canada every year… and it’s YOU that makes it happen! I LOVE our #CFLFamily!


2. The Ratio – Without the ratio, we would likely miss out on some mega stars. As much as I don’t care where players are from (I just want the best players), I do care where they are from. It’s cool to see local players succeed (wherever they play) and it just brings a sense of pride. We have some amazing Canadian players in this league and we need to celebrate that more. Glen Suitor does a great job of pumping them up, but we need that more from the league level. 


3. No Fair Catch – I love that up here in Canada, you are basically forced to have a return game. While I love the NFL and a lot of their rules, I HATE the fair catch. Seeing guys like Pinball Clemons, Gizmo Williams and now guys like Mario Alford and Janarion Grant do their thing is awesome. It gives us another position for a star to emerge in this league and we seem to get that every year. Don’t ever change this, CFL!


4. League and Team Accessibility – I’ve dealt with NFL teams and frankly, it’s borderline impossible at times. Dealing with the 9 CFL teams and the league itself is a treat. Sure, some headaches along the way, but you’ll find that anywhere as they try to accommodate all the requests they get. It’s cool that you get to meet the players, interact with them and learn their stories. The league and their teams do a fantastic job of making their players and coaches accessible and 95% of them are fantastic interviews with amazing stories. Keep being great, PR teams! I have always appreciated your help!


5. The Rouge – Okay, I don’t actually like the rouge, but I wouldn’t take it out of the game… I just want it modified. That said, I love that the uniqueness of it is a point of passion to many fans. I love that people love it. I love that people hate it. And really, it IS important. If Adam Korsak doesn’t kick a rouge on a punt in Calgary last week, the Riders probably lose. So yes, it does impact the game. Because of the chaos that comes with it, I love the rouge. 


Enjoy your long weekend and celebrating this great country and our great game! May there be plenty of rouges for you!


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