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Piffles Top 5 – Free Agents the Riders Need to Sign

Published: Saturday, Feb 3rd 2024, 4:02pm

The CFL’s Free Agent Negotiation Window opens tomorrow and we are about to start hearing a lot of noise across the league about who is going to sign where. Here in Saskatchewan, General Manager Jeremy O’Day hinted that the team won’t likely be huge buyers, but that’s not going to stop us from playing GM ourselves.


Here’s who we at Piffles Podcast believe the Riders NEED to bring in during free agency:


Greg’s Top 5

RB Brady Oliveira – Canadian, best RB in the league, hurts the Bombers.

LB Adarius Pickett – He’s on everyone’s list, would provide flexibility to the Riders DB/LB options

DL Jackson Jeffcoat – Fills a need, still has lots in the tank, hurts the Bombers.

WR Luther Hakunavanhu – Canadian Air Force 2.0! Helps flip the ratio somewhere and we can re-live the best era in Rider history

OL Geoff Gray – O-Line is a huge need, he’s a starter, hurts the Bombers.


Alex’s Top 5

RB A.J. Ouellette – The guy is a star, fills a need and is a guy you can market the heck out of

WR Damonte Coxie – Riders have a lot of #2 receivers. Need an alpha and Coxie can get there given the chance

LB Adarius Pickett – Familiar with Head Coach Corey Mace, one of the top players in the league

DB Jamal Peters – Fills the open cornerback spot in the defensive secondary, familiar with Coach Mace and DB Coach Josh Bell

DL Dewayne Hendrix – With no Micah Johnson signing yet, there is a big need at DT. Hendrix flew under the radar and is set to become the league’s next best D-Lineman.


Steve’s Top 5

RB William Stanback/RB A.J. Ouellette – Riders have a need for a #1 runner, go big here and get one of the best in the league

LB Adarius Pickett – One of the best defensive players in the league and the Riders need help on D

DL Shawn Oakman – If you can pair him in the middle with Micah Johnson and have Anthony Lanier II beside them, that D-Line will be menacing

DL Mathieu Betts – Best DE in the league and Canadian. You win in the trenches and can also flip the ratio here. How is he not on Greg and Alex’s list?

DB Jamal Peters – Fills a need with a guy our coaches know. Shore up that defensive backfield


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