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Piffles Top 5 – Things to Watch in Monday’s Rider Preseason Game

Published: Friday, May 17th 2024, 8:05am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The Saskatchewan Roughriders begin their preseason on Victoria Day Monday against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and I’m mostly just looking forward to getting into Mosaic Stadium and enjoying what I hope will be a nice day at the ball park, having a cold one and enjoying our first football game of the year.

But I’ll also be watching for a few specific things when the game gets underway. Here’s the Top 5 things I’m watching for from the Riders on Monday afternoon:


5. How Long do the Starters on Offense Play?

Do the projected starters play much of this game? Or will they get the 2nd preseason game in Edmonton next week? My guess is we see them now for a little bit, but for how long? If Trevor Harris and the O don’t move the ball in two drives, do you keep them out there until they can get it going? If they look great after one drive and score a TD, is that all they get? I’m interested to see how long we see our projected #1 team


4. Corey Mace Commanding the Team

It’s the first game we get to see new Head Coach Corey Mace leading his team in a game. With essentially 2 rosters worth of players on the sidelines, how is he going to keep them all engaged? What is his sideline demeanour going to be like? He was celebrating with his defense in Toronto after big plays, will we see more of that now that he’s the guy fully running the ship? There were dust ups in Training Camp earlier this week and Coach Mace held the team accountable. Now we get to see how it’s controlled in a game situation.


3. Energy, Energy, Energy

Following on watching Coach Mace and his first game as a head coach, how will the TEAM respond? From the first few days of Training Camp, all I’m hearing is how this is a totally different vibe around the team. High energy, passion, I’m hearing it from EVERY media outlet. I want to see it translate on the field. Even from the veterans, they need to keep that energy up and show the young guys that it’s going to take a lot to beat them out of a job.


2. Defensive Backs

This is truly a wide open competition and I don’t think the first 5 that start the game are going to be the starting 5 after all is said and done. I’m curious if we see them playing basic man coverage or if they mix in some zone as well. And I am interested in seeing how many different spots in the backfield each player plays. Outside of Rolan Milligan and Jayden Dalke, I have no idea how the rest of the DBs will look in game 1. Monday’s game may go a long way in seeing who is playing where when the games count for real.


1. Left Tackle

I was originally looking forward to seeing a big competition between 8 American O-Lineman for the vacant Left Tackle spot, but with half of them not reporting to Training Camp, it’s a much smaller competition now. I imagine Trevor Reid gets the first reps, but how long will he last there? Just with the 1’s? General Manager Jeremy O’Day NEEDS to get this position figured out this season. I’m looking forward to seeing who is going to lock that down.


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