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Piffles WTF – Calgary Stampeders

Published: Wednesday, Dec 11th 2019, 1:12am

By Piffles Staff (@PifflesPod)


The guys at Piffles have evaluated every team’s free agent roster and have each picked 3 names.

  1. Want – Give me that player right now on the Riders
  2. Target – Possibly someone that Jeremy O’Day would realistically bring in
  3. Forget it – Under no circumstances does that player need to be seen in Green and White in 2020


Alex (@RealAlexD)


Want: LB Cory Greenwood

While I’d LOVE for the Riders to get a guy like Reggie Begelton, I’m going to be realistic (let’s be real, if Begelton doesn’t go to the NFL, he’s staying in Calgary). Greenwood was a big time fill in for Alex Singleton in Calgary last year and the Riders are potentially without all 3 of their starting LBs. Should Cameron Judge not return, you can keep the ratio the same with a guy like Greenwood.


Target: DB DaShaun Amos

Both Nick Marshall and Ed Gainey are free agents, so if they don’t get re-signed before February 11th, Amos is the guy they should target. He’s young, had 5 INTs in 2019 and would be a GREAT get by any GM.


Forget It: OL Derek Dennis

Been there, done that. I like the Bonecrusher, but he’s a product of his environment. He’s a stud in Calgary because their O-Line is always stellar. He was a BUST here in Saskatchewan and tried to blame it on coaching. Dude, you’re a Left Tackle… your job is to block the other teams best DE… and he didn’t come close to doing that here. HARD pass..



Steve (@Safimod)


Want: WR Reggie Begelton

One of the top receivers in the league, who will surely get an NFL look. If he doesn’t, or doesn’t last, I’d love for the Riders to pick up the phone and get him over here. Imagine having the likes of Shaq Evans, Naaman Roosevelt and Reggie Begelton for Jason Maas and Cody Fajardo to work with.


Target: DL Esa Mrabure

A quality Canadian interior defensive lineman. You can never have enough of them. Plus, he’s a top notch human being.


Forget it: OL Derek Dennis

We’ve been around the block before with him. Great offensive lineman who excels in Calgary’s system. Something didn’t click in Saskatchewan though.




Sheldon (@SheldonJones83)


Want: WR Reggie Begelton

Again With the chance that Shaq Evans tries the NFL it would be great to replace him with another game changing receiver especially one of Begelton’s calibre.


Target: LB Cory Greenwood

All of the Riders starting LB are free agents and with Moncrief possibly getting a look down south, another game changing performer in the linebacker corps would be necessary.


Forget it: DE Chris Casher

Rider Nation never forgets and I wouldn’t want a player on my team who would intentionally try to injure other players so maliciously.




Greg (@GregOnSports)


Want: WR Reggie Begelton

There is no way he’s not going to get a look down south, but if the Riders want to push all their chips in for another home Grey Cup. This is definitely worth a look with a new OC and the franchise QB set in place.


Target: LB Cory Greenwood

Anyone you can take from the Stamps works in 2 fold: Makes your team better, and makes them worse. Cory Greenwood stepped up and filled that Canadian Linebacker hole for Alex Singleton and if we can’t get Cameron Judge back I am for putting a hole back in the Stamps roster.


Forget it: OL Derek Dennis

First I want to say I love Bonecrusher. Great guy and great ambassador for the league.

I’ve talked comics with him, I have done designs for him, and I love the way he plays…. on the Stamps.

Huffnagel found a way to use Dennis that Chris Jones couldn’t or refused to figure out. Not saying that I would hate to see Bonecrusher back in Rider green, I just think he is better off as an allstar in Calgary.


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