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Piffles WTF – Edmonton Eskimos

Published: Wednesday, Dec 18th 2019, 4:12am

By Piffles Staff (@PifflesPod)


The guys at Piffles have evaluated every team’s free agent roster and have each picked 3 names.

  1. Want – Give me that player right now on the Riders
  2. Target – Possibly someone that Jeremy O’Day would realistically bring in
  3. Forget it – Under no circumstances does that player need to be seen in Green and White in 2020


Alex (@RealAlexD)


Want: FB Calvin McCarty 

I know he likely won’t be coming here, but he has a lot of familiarity with new OC Jason Maas who would know how to use him properly. Add that weapon to Cody Fajardo’s arsenal and this offense could REALLY take off


Target: WR DaVaris Daniels 

Assuming that Manny Arceneaux is a one and done here in Saskatchewan, Daniels can come in and fill that veteran role in the receiving group with Namaan Roosevelt (assuming Roosevelt is back)


Forget It: OL Jacob Ruby

While I am never opposed to more Canadian O-Lineman, I like what the team has done with their O-Line that last few years and I wouldn’t overspend on one in free agency.


Steve (@Safimod)


Want: DL Nick Usher

While Defensive Line is obviously the farthest thing from a need heading in to next season, Nick Usher is one of the best in the league on the line. Imagine being able to throw Usher, Johnson, Hughes, Leonard, and Evans out in different looks. That would be fun. Way too expensive, but fun


Target: LB Jovan Santos-Knox 

We are looking at potentially losing our entire starting LB corps from 2019. Santos-Knox would be a good start at rebuilding that group if we need to.


Forget it: OL Josiah St John  

Once again. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. And that t-shirt has probably been on the field more often than St John was during his time in Saskatchewan.



Sheldon (@SheldonJones83)


Want: WR DaVaris Daniels 

Although Daniels has had a hard time staying healthy, I think he would be a good addition to the Riders receiver corps. He knowledge of Jason Maas’ playbook would be a plus too.


Target: LB Jovan Santos-Knox 

While Javon was an impact player in his first 2 seasons, his injury plagued 2019 might lead to a better contract situation that the Riders could fit under their salary cap. With Moncrief, Elimimian and Judge being free agents as well, the Riders might need to look elsewhere for help at LB.


Forget it: OL Josiah St John  

Biggest draft bust for the Riders since Shomari Williams. No thanks.



Greg (@GregOnSports)


Want: DB Don Unamba

The Riders need restock their defence and Unamba was all over the field in the 12 games he played in 2019. Desipite missing 6 games he still finished 5th on the team in tackles plus had 6 sacks on the year. He could be a stud in the Shivers defence.


Target: LB Larry Dean

Once again the Riders need line backers with Santos-Knox and Dean all coming free at the same time I think Dean might be the one the Riders can move away from Edmonton.


Forget it: OL Josiah St. John

I remember when JSJ was drafted 1st over all. He was not a unanimous choice by the scouts and experts to be the first pick in the Jones regime, pure athlete but there was questions if he could play pro.

Hindsight looking back maybe JSJ was just a metaphor for Jones’ time in Saskatchewan, so much potential and never quite being there.


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