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Piffles WTF – Ottawa REDBLACKS

Published: Monday, Feb 10th 2020, 3:02pm

By Piffles Staff (@PifflesPod)


The guys at Piffles have evaluated every team’s free agent roster and have each picked 3 names.

  1. Want – Give me that player right now on the Riders
  2. Target – Possibly someone that Jeremy O’Day would realistically bring in
  3. Forget it – Under no circumstances does that player need to be seen in Green and White in 2020


Alex (@RealAlexD)


Want: No One

Ummm… no one? WR Dominque Rhymes if anyone. We’re fine at receiver, but I guess this is the only guy from a bad team that’d I’d want


Target: No one

Seriously the team sucked


Forget It: All of them

Ottawa was a BAD team last year and I don’t see how adding any of the players on the list of free agents makes the Riders better. We’re just fine. We took their best player last season.




Steve (@Safimod)


Want: DB Jonathon Rose

Top end DB, who comes with a swagger than any defensive secondary can use. Even though we re-signed Gainey, its likely one of our DBs (McCray?) will end up taking Moncrief’s spot.


Target: WR Dominique Rhymes

Decent receiver with a ton of upside. Would love to see what he could do in Saskatchewan, especially if we lose Naaman Roosevelt.


Forget it: WR Caleb Holley

We’ve been down that road. Love the guy, decent receiver, but we don’t need to target every former Rider out there.



Sheldon (@SheldonJones83)


Want: DB Jonathon Rose

Pushing officials aside, Rose could do two things for the Roughriders defensive backfield. He could be younger and possibly cheaper than Ed Gainey, if the Riders want to go that route.


Target: WR Dominique Rhymes

Even with Shaq Evans back, never hurts to go after another deep threat receiver.


Forget it: DB Kevin Francis

Did nothing when he was here.



Greg (@GregOnSports)

Just cutting to the chase the entire REDBLACKS roster is WTF and in the more common meaning. Just skip this roster list JO.


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