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Piffles WTF – Toronto Argonauts

Published: Thursday, Jan 23rd 2020, 2:01pm

By Piffles Staff (@PifflesPod)


The guys at Piffles have evaluated every team’s free agent roster and have each picked 3 names.

  1. Want – Give me that player right now on the Riders
  2. Target – Possibly someone that Jeremy O’Day would realistically bring in
  3. Forget it – Under no circumstances does that player need to be seen in Green and White in 2020


Alex (@RealAlexD)


Want: WR Derel Walker

The dude is still a top-level receiver in this league, you’d be silly to not want him on your team. Plus, he would fit in with the whole fake Canadian thing that the league is going for now.


Target: LB Micah Awe

Uncertainty at the LB position in Saskatchewan leads me to think that O’Day tries to bring in as much competition as possible to the team.


Forget It: WR Armanti Edwards

I know, I know… #OnceARider… but we have much better than him. He’s a good receiver, but not what we need.



Steve (@Safimod)


Want: LB Micah Awe

We need the help in the Linebacking corps, with Moncrief gone and Judge and Elimimian still unsigned. Solid LB, would make a great addition to our roster.


Target: WR Armanti Edwards

He would make for a solid #3/4 receiver behind Shaq Evans (if he re-signs), Kyran Moore and Jordan Williams-Lambert. Plus, once a Rider….


Forget it: QB James Franklin

Remember a couple years back when James Franklin was THE guy everyone wanted. Times have certainly changed. I’m good with going with someone new at #3 behind Fajardo and Harker.



Sheldon (@SheldonJones83)


Want: WR SJ Green

I know this will not be the most popular choice, but I have always wanted SJ on the Riders. Think of how many jerseys they would sell. On the field, Green has still shown that he can make the highlight reel catches. If they are moving on from the Manny show, they could insert SJ Green as another vet to lead the Riders receivers with Naaman Roosevelt (if he re signs) and he could potentially become the “Geroy Simon” type player for this year Grey Cup.


Target: LB Ian Wild

The Riders have seemingly solidified their defensive line and back field with the only real question marks at linebacker. Wild is a national and put up decent numbers in only 12 games last year. Could be a guy that could platoon with Sam Hurl if they Riders end up losing Cam Judge.


Forget it: QB James Franklin 

I will admit that I was part of the Rider fans group who wanted Chris Jones to try to get Franklin out of Edmonton in 2017. Thankfully he did not and Franklin showed what he could do in the double blue, instead of the green and white



Greg (@GregOnSports)


Want: LB Micah Awe

I’m starting to feel like a broken record here but we need linebackers. The Riders ended the season with arguably the best 3 LB group in the league to now being a giant question mark. They need to fill that hole and fast.


Target:  K Ronnie Pfeffer

I know this isn’t a sexy nor popular pick but I see the Riders changing their punter this year. I love Jon Ryan as much as the next person. If you want to talk about his athleticism and how he played pretty much every position for the U of R Rams, I am your guy. But with the signings they have left and the money they have put out already having the league’s most expensive punter isn’t needed this season. Anyone who wanted a Jon Ryan Riders jersey bought it last year. Pfeffer won’t be as popular but he will get the job done.


Forget it: QB James Franklin

What the hell happened to the “Future of the League”? I will admit I got caught in that trap as well, I wanted him here as much as the next guy when it looked like we didn’t have a QB of the future. While I am certain that the Riders will bring in some new arms to push Fajardo, Harker, and Bennett, I am fine with status quo going into the season.


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