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Piffles WTF – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Published: Wednesday, Jan 8th 2020, 4:01pm

By Piffles Staff (@PifflesPod)


The guys at Piffles have evaluated every team’s free agent roster and have each picked 3 names.

  1. Want – Give me that player right now on the Riders
  2. Target – Possibly someone that Jeremy O’Day would realistically bring in
  3. Forget it – Under no circumstances does that player need to be seen in Green and White in 2020


Alex (@RealAlexD)


Want: OL Stanley Bryant 

He’s been the best OL in the league for years. I WANT him, but I dont think he leaves. (Honourable mention to QB Chris Streveler, just to watch Steve lose his mind)


Target: DE Craig Roh 

Dude has all the talent to be a monster, just needs to be healthy. He could be a great addition to the D-Line.


Forget It: DE Willie Jefferson

Call me crazy! As GREAT as he is, and he is… he’s a 1 year contract guy. He doesn’t stay anywhere long term. Save the money and spend elsewhere, like on LB’s.


Steve (@Safimod)


Want: DE Willie Jefferson

I realize this is a pipe dream, but I would love to see Willie Jefferson back in Green and White where he belongs. Obviously, the chances of that happening are slim and none (especially if the rumours of us lowballing him last year are true) but a guy can dream, right?


Target: OL Stanley Bryant 

Would love to see the Riders take a run at Bryant. One of the best offensive lineman in the league, he would make a great addition to our line. Hopefully if it happens, it works out better than the last time we signed an expensive OL in free agency


Forget it: QB Chris Streveler 

Please keep that man far away from our roster. He can continue being “lit” elsewhere. If he learns how to throw the ball with any kind of accuracy, we can revisit this discussion.



Sheldon (@SheldonJones83)


Want: OL Stanley Bryant

An upgrade at the offensive line would be another great building block and could be one of the final pieces to contend for the 2020 Grey Cup.


Target: DE Craig Roh 

With most of the Riders DL set to become free agents, the Riders could look to go cheaper and look for depth.


Forget it: QB Chris Streveler 

While I admire his “Ovechkin-esqe” partying before and at the Blue Bombers Grey Cup Parade, the Riders have finally found their first franchise QB since Darian Durrant in Cody Fajardo and don’t need to upgrade their back up QB’s.


Greg (@GregOnSports)


Want: DE Craig Roh

This is both my want and my target really, because he is who I want and I can actually see the Riders making him a priority signing. Dude is a beast when he is healthy. Great community guy and he has a great taste in graphic designers.


Target: OL Stanley Bryant

If we want Cody to quit doing that blind turn the Riders need one of the best O-linemen in the league to ensure he’s got time. Bryant checks all the boxes and would be a great addition in a Grey Cup year.


Forget it: Any of the Bomber QBs

All 3 of the Bomber QBs are heading into free agency. Sure Zach looked good in the Grey Cup run but he isn’t going to supplant Cody, Matt Nichols as a game manager back up would be interesting but he wouldn’t take a pay cut, and as fun as it would be to watch Steve meltdown in real time with the signing of Streveler, he just doesn’t have the skill set a Maas offense requires…. well that and I would have to deal with Steve….


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