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Props to Patterson, Proves Patience Pays Off vs Argos

Published: Saturday, Jul 6th 2024, 9:07am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Saskatchewan Roughriders QB Shea Patterson won his first CFL start on Thursday, beating the Toronto Argonauts 30-23 at Mosaic Stadium and he deserves some props for getting it done. It wasn’t always the prettiest game for the quarterback, but Patterson proved that patience after a slow start is a virtue and that was key in ensuring the Riders left the game sitting at 4-0.


Watching the first quarter, yes, it was frustrating at times. Patterson looked like a QB in his first start. He wasn’t reading the defense and his throws were all over the place. I thought we’d see some short, easy passes early to ease him into the game, but that wasn’t the game plan from Offensive Coordinator Marc Mueller. There were plenty of comments around me from fans saying it was going to be a long night. And for the first 20 minutes or so it sure looked like it was going to be.


But Patterson (and the Riders’ coaching staff) stuck with it. It can’t be easy to have all that pressure on you and things not go your way to start. But then he hit that nice throw to Jerreth Sterns over the middle for 26 yards and things started to slow down for him. You could see the confidence starting to grow from there and he got better and better as the game went on. 

After that throw to Sterns, Patterson was making better decisions and he generally didn’t force anything. At the beginning of the game, he wasn’t moving around too much, but once he started rolling out and moving the pocket a little bit, that was where he was at his best. 


Shea Patterson runs for a TD vs Toronto – photo courtesy Alex Dormuth


And Patterson was getting a TON of help from his receivers, too. Sam Emilus made a remarkable play to spin away from the defense on his second quarter touchdown and Kian Schaffer-Baker kept driving and driving to fight for every extra yard on one of his catches. Efforts like that will get the confidence up in any quarterback.


When a QB is feeling it like Patterson was, he plays more into his strengths, which is what we saw on his touchdown run in the 3rd quarter. That was what I expected to see earlier in the game, get out of the pocket, have him use his legs a little bit and give the defense something else to worry about. I think doing that earlier will open up some holes for A.J. Ouellette and the Riders running game against BC on Saturday.


So while the offense didn’t light it up and put up the same yardage they did with Trevor Harris, we as Rider fans can be fairly happy with what we saw on Thursday and we can trust that the coaching staff is going to work with Patterson to get him settled down earlier against the Lions on Saturday.


When it came down to it and they needed Patterson to make a play the most, he made two of them with his throws to Mitch Picton to kill the clock, especially that last one where he scrambled and made a tough throw against the grain.

If I had to give a grade on his performance, Shea Patterson got a ‘B+’ from me. Patterson proved that he can be an effective QB in the CFL and has earned some serious props for shaking off a rocky start and doing what he needed to do to keep the Riders’ perfect start to the season intact.


photo courtesy CFL on TSN


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