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Quick Slants: Cannabis Football League, Hughes, and Get Off The Field Wally

Published: Thursday, Oct 25th 2018, 5:10am

by: Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)


Cannabis Football League

Since Cannabis has become legal in Canada there has been many stories and feature done in the media about pot and how it will affect sports in this country.

To the surprise of almost no one there was a story about how “rampant” pot use was in the CFL. But why would anyone be surprised?

The CFL drug tests do not test for it. Calgary immediately put Josh Gordon on they neg list when he was suspended from the NFL for pot.

Hell, Duron Carter is still employed in this league.

Pot was never a big deal to the CFL, nor will it be now. Football players have many aches and pains and there are far worse players could be doing…


Speaking of High (Horses)

Charleston Hughes made a huge mistake.

I mean HUGE!

There is no denying what he did was wrong, and I always believed that there was no way he should have played the game in Calgary. Eventually, the Riders got to where I and many people were, and they suspended him for the game and fined him the maximum allowed.

Charleston completed the punishment that was laid out before him and it is time to move on…

Well not for some. There are a vocal bunch that are tweeting and tagging the league and commissioner on Facebook trying to get Charleston suspended for at least the remainder of the season, I have seen a few who believe he should be kick out of the league entirely.

Coincidentally, a lot that I am seeing are from BC Lions fans but that must just be that… a coincidence.

Hughes made a highly public mistake, embarrassed himself, the team, and to a certain extent maybe the league but that is not enough for him to lose his very livelihood.

If I made the same mistake Charleston did I would be embarrassed, I would feel shame, I would face my day in court and I would be punished accordingly.

I wouldn’t lose my job.

Yes, I understand there are jobs where losing your license essentially means you are as good as fired. Playing football isn’t one of those jobs.

And yes, I understand that the Riders have a certain aura and that they are seen as role models but to paraphrase Charles Barkley, they are not role models… Just because they play football well doesn’t mean they should raise your kids.

Get Off The Field Wally… One Last Time
Unless Wally pulls a Terry Funk and unretires again, Saturday will mark Wally Buono’s final trip to the sidelines in Regina.

Say what you want about Wally Buono but he will leave the CFL as the most winningest coach in CFL history in both wins and percentage. He’s won 64% of the games he has coached with both the Stampeders and the Lions.

He’s won 7 Grey Cups, 2 as a player and 5 as a coach. He’s been named coach of the year 4 times. While there are many who call Marc Trestman the QB whisperer Buono has coached Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, Dave Dickenson, and Travis Lulay through the best years of their CFL careers.

There feels like there is literally there is nothing he hasn’t done.

Hell, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson credits Wally for encouraging him to do the wrestling thing when Wally was cutting him.

He is a living CFL Legend and I really hope Wally gets the respect he deserves when he is announced on Saturday.

Then once the game starts give him the loudest “Wally” chants he’s ever heard so he never forgets.


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