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Quick Slants: Contracts, No Fishing, TSN Shakes It Up, and It’s here

Published: Thursday, May 24th 2018, 4:05am

by: Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

Quick Slants looks at some of the weekly stories in the CFL and beyond.

Pay that man his money!

If that phrase worked for Teddy KGB in the movie “Rounders” it works for me. (…And if you haven’t seen the movie “Rounders” check it out)

It blows me away how many fans forget that pro sports are a business. I get that they are grown adults playing a game, but at the end of the day, it is no different than flipping burgers. Get as much money as you can while you can, so you can provide for you and the people you care about. However, I don’t think getting a perfect cheeseburger to the drive-through would get 30,000 people to their feet… well, it would have to be one hell of a cheeseburger.

With the Darian Durant retirement/bonus fiasco I can see how Bomber fans have a slightly bitter taste in their mouths, but it has happened before, and it will happen again. However, when players are cut at the last minute before training camps like John White or Jovan Olafioye it could set their season back. Fortunately for Olyafioye, the Alouettes already paid him a sizeable bonus and BC signed him immediately.

Just remember for every Darian Durant and Mo Price taking money on their way out, there are about a dozen other players that get released so the team doesn’t have to pay them the bonuses they are promised.

Fishing Season Closed

The CFL announced some rule changes for the upcoming season and quite possibly the best news for the fans is “illegal contact on a receiver” is no longer reviewable by coach’s review. The rule still exists and is up to the officials, but no longer can a coach fish for a call, or in the case of, the Stampeders plan to run into the defender to ensure a call.

This change should speed up the game experience, well until the coaches figure out another replay loophole to exploit.

TSN Shaking Things Up

The CFL broadcaster is reportedly freshening up the Thursday Night Football broadcast by switching out host Rod Smith with Sportscentre anchor Kate Beirness. Smith will still remain hosting the flagship Friday Night Football broadcast and will fill in on commentary for some of the Thursday night games giving Chris Cuthbert and (thankfully) Rod Black some breaks.

The tradition CFL Panel will get a shake-up with combinations of 3 of Matt Dunigan, Milt Stegall, Jock Climie, Henry Burris and newcomer Davis Sanchez. Sanchez is the lone defensive player in that group, it will be interesting to see his point of view compared to the vets on the panel.

Chris Shultz will be returning to talk CFL fantasy on Sportscentre but it is not certain how much, if any, he will be apart of the regular CFL broadcasts.

The Wait Is OVER!!!!

Yes, its preseason but we have a game this weekend. I cannot wait, keep your eyes peeled to all things Piffles as we will have this game covered from a fan’s perspective.


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