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Re-imagining the CFL: Edmonton Eskimos

Published: Tuesday, Jun 9th 2020, 2:06am

by Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)


Ah 2020, we all have a little extra time on our hands right now. We are all trying to keep busy, and with the CFL season all but cancelled trying to fill the void where training camps should be.

Being a self professed logo snob, I decided to challenge myself and redesign the entire CFL. 9 teams, 3 uniforms (home, away, and third), 27 different uniforms in total.

I also followed the CFL guidelines and used one helmet shell per team. Which means one helmet colour, but means I can change the decals if need be. Sorry, Stamps fans there is no colour fade helmet in this project either.

The order of unveiling is how the 2019 regular season standings shook out, and we are going from the worst record to the best.

I would like to thank the fans and players that I showed my initial concepts too. As a Rider fan I wanted to make sure I was capturing the spirit of their team.


Edmonton…. HERE WE GO…



My Edmonton Vision Board


Edmonton has always had a very clean look.

The Green and Yellow just pops, yes we have all heard the Green Bay comparisons but if you listen to anyone from Edmonton they will gladly tell you they had the colours first.

My biggest problem is Edmonton has black as an official colour… BLACK!!! It is just there for the drop shadow and some striping so really what is the point. Let’s clean that up.


Home Uniform:


Edmonton Home Uniform


See it doesn’t need black if you want to keep the drop shadow. Just get creative Edmonton.

I kept the basic helmet that they have had for years but black from the logo and helmet stripes.

Put the Double E on the chest, sort of a mini-superhero logo. Streamlined the sleeve stripes so we could bring the numbers back to the shoulders.

Edmonton have been rocking a variation on these pants since the 60s why change now.



Away Uniform:

Edmonton Away Uniform

Not much to say here other than a new take on a classic look.



Alternate Uniform:

Edmonton One Empire Alternate



Now here is where I can see this getting controversial.

I looked at the yellow alternate from years past and decided to do some tweaking.

I put “EMP1RE” (yes the I is a 1) on the chest as a nod to “One Empire” to honor the fans, and if the 1 wasn’t clear enough I wrote “ONE” on the pants.

One Edmonton fan I showed it to accused me of “backdoor name change”, which it really wasn’t.

But if that was their only criticism I am ok with that.

Would love to see your feedback below or on twitter at @GregOnSports or @PifflesPod.



Ottawa Redblacks May 12

Toronto Argonauts May 19

BC Lions May 27

Edmonton Eskimos June 9

Montreal Alouettes June 16

Winnipeg Blue Bombers June 23

Calgary Stampeders June 30

Saskatchewan Roughriders July 7

Hamilton Tiger-cats July 14



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