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Re-imagining the CFL: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Published: Tuesday, Jul 14th 2020, 2:07am

by Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)


Ah 2020, we all have a little extra time on our hands right now. We are all trying to keep busy, and with the CFL season all but cancelled trying to fill the void where training camps should be.

Being a self professed logo snob, I decided to challenge myself and redesign the entire CFL. 9 teams, 3 uniforms (home, away, and third), 27 different uniforms in total.

I also followed the CFL guidelines and used one helmet shell per team. Which means one helmet colour, but means I can change the decals if need be. Sorry, Stamps fans there is no colour fade helmet in this project either.

The order of unveiling is how the 2019 regular season standings shook out, and we are going from the worst record to the best.

I would like to thank the fans and players that I showed my initial concepts too. As a Rider fan I wanted to make sure I was capturing the spirit of their team.


Saskatchewan Roughriders…. HERE WE GO…



My Saskatchewan Roughriders Vision Board


Now for the one I was the most nervous about, my Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Really the home and away looks were no brainers.

Racing stripes, all day, every day.

This is the look that the Riders brought back in 2007 and fans can’t wait for Labour Day every year when they bring that look out. So why not just embrace it.

However, I never liked the old logo. Don’t get me wrong it looked great when Ronnie was handing the ball to George but from a design aspect it is messy and uneven.

So I cleaned it up….


Saskatchewan Roughriders Primary Logo Concept

Home Uniform:


Roughriders Home Uniform


Green and white, 2 stripes, literally that is all you need.



Away Uniform:

Roughriders Away Uniform



Alternate Uniform:

Roughriders “Mosaic Nights” Alternate



OK I can explain this I swear….

If I was going to go retro in the home and away looks, I better go a bit more modern in the alternate look.

One of my favourite things they do in the new stadium is when they have the night game and they do the lights out entrance with the laser show and pyro. That was the inspiration for this look.

Plus when I was asking what people preferred the double green or the black looks it was a fairly even consensus (and like Edmonton I will not show you the numbers) so I used both.

In a perfect world it would be a black helmet, but 1 shell rule so change the white mask to black and get a whole new decal package for the look.


Would love to see your feedback below or on twitter at @GregOnSports or @PifflesPod.




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