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Rider Player Awards

Published: Thursday, Nov 1st 2018, 3:11pm

By: Sheldon Jones (@SheldonJones83)

As the regular season draws to a close this week the Riders (and the rest of the CFL teams) have released their nominees for the end of the year individual player awards. At the beginning of October i wrote up a piece explaining who i thought would receive these nominations. For a refresher here is who i picked:


Most Outstanding Player: DB Nick Marshall

Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Charleston Hughes

Most Outstanding Lineman: Brendan Labatte

Most Outstanding Canadian: Zach Evans

Most Outstanding Special Teams: Brett Lauther

Most Outstanding Rookie: Jordan Williams-Lambert


The actual nominees handed out are:


Most Outstanding Player AND Most Outstanding Defensive Player

Willie Jefferson.

I had selected (in a bit of a wildcard pick) DB Nick Marshall to get the nomination. At that point there had been no stand outs on offense and took Nicks touchdown totals (defensively and as the short yardage QB) as a basis for selecting him. Willie has been dominant defensively and is absolutely the right pick. Also in my earlier post i stated quite certainly that Charleston Hughes would be the selection for Most Outstanding Defensive Player. Hughes was having a monster year (technically still is) and is still leading the league in sacks with 15. His production has slowed recently and did have a DUI arrest that could have also hurt his chances in receiving the MODP nomination. However the truth is that Willie Jefferson has been consistent all season long and has been directly responsible (at least momentum wise) for 2 key western division wins that helped clinch home field advantage in the playoffs. Willie does have a chance to take home the defensive award, however it will likely come down to either him or Adam Bighill.


Most Outstanding Lineman

Brendan Labatte

I got this one right and so did the team. Brendan has been a consistent work horse for the Riders. He has started every game this season and has taken over center duties from the injured Dan Clark. He has also been the Riders nominee 4 times, taking home the League award in 2013. He has been the veteran anchor on the Riders Oline who currently rank first in QB sacks against and second in rushing yards. I believe he will take home this award.


Most Outstanding Canadian AND Most Outstanding Special Teams Player

Brett Lauther

The pride of Truro, Nova Scotia, Brett Lauther has had a remarkable sophomore season in the CFL. He went 54 for 60 for a 90% average. He was .02% away from tying the Roughrider record for completion percentage currently held by Rider legend Dave Ridgway. He also attempted the most FG’s in the league as the Rider offense had a problem finishing drives all season long. He was constantly getting Rider Fans $9.00 off pizzas due to his leg and a promotion by Western Pizza. I did pick him to win Special Teams Player of the Year but had slotted Zach Evans in as my Top Canadian. Zach is the type of player who brings his lunchbox to work and gets the job done with little recognition. He did recover a fumble for a TD in the last game of the season to get some glory though. Brett is in tough for both of these awards as he is up against perennial nominee’s Alex Singleton and Andrew Harris for the Top Canadian and against fellow kicker Lewis Ward from Ottawa who broke the pro football record for most consecutive field goals in his first year for the Special Teams award. He did however score more points and was more valuable to his team so if Ottawa bows out early and the Riders (and Brett’s right leg) make noise in the playoffs he might be able to take it.


Most Outstanding Rookie

Jordan Williams-Lambert

As predicted the Riders Outstanding Rookie nominee is JWL. He was only 21 yards shy of leading the Roughriders in receiving (Shaq Evans had 785 yards to his 764) and tied Naaman Roosevelt to lead the Riders with 4 receiving TD’s. If Lewis Ward didn’t play in the league this year Williams-Lambert would have taken this award hands down. However Wards kicking has been outstanding especially considering he is a rookie.


All in all i wend 3 for 6 so not bad…


My predictions for League award winners:


MOP – Bo Levi Mitchell

He may have less yards than favorite Mike Riley, but has more TD’s and less INT’s and more importantly more W’s.

MODP – Willie Jefferson

His dynamite play continues in the playoffs and solidifies his spot.

MOC – Alex SIngleton

Leading the league in tackles and is a huge force in the Stamps LB corps

MOL – Brendan Labatte

Consistency, tenacity and toughness wins out.

MOST – Lewis Ward

Breaking that record wins him this award.

MOR – Lewis Ward

Ward becomes the first double award winner since BC’s Solomon Elimimian in 2014.





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