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Riders 2020 Schedule Wish List

Published: Friday, Dec 13th 2019, 2:12pm

If the last two seasons are any indication, it is likely we will see the CFL schedule out in the next week or so. With that in mind, Piffles Podcast has compiled a wish list of what we’d like to see for the Riders CFL schedule in 2020.


Steve (@Safimod)

More evening games at Mosaic Stadium. Nothing better than football under the lights.

Give us a Saturday game in either Calgary or Edmonton. We would love to bring a bus out to Alberta for a game this year, but thats hard to do on a Friday.


Greg (@GregonSports)

No more triple headers…There is always one game that’s an absolute stinker and even the most die hard CFL fans throw in the towel

I like that they back load divisional match ups, but there is no excuse for seeing a team for the first time second last week of the season

Riders in MEXICO

We don’t need to play the Bombers in preseason and 3 times in the regular season lets switch it up a bit.

Football on Thanksgiving Monday


Alex (@RealAlexD)

Have the Riders road game in Calgary be on a Saturday evening. Enough of the Thursday night games there. Allow Rider fans to travel and create a better atmosphere for a big-time game.

Keep the Banjo Bowl on the Saturday but move it to the evening. More tailgate time for the Piffles Bus and let’s just have an incredible time under the lights.

Don’t wait until the final 2 weeks to play a team for the first time all year… what the hell is that about?

No more of the 3 straight home games or 3 straight road games for any team. That’s an excessive amount on either end of the spectrum. Space it out. Come on, it’s a 9-team league, it can’t be that difficult to make it work.


Sheldon (@SheldonJones83)

Get our inevitable Thurs night home games out if the way early.

Other than labour day and the last home game of the season, give me all night games. Late game of double headers on Friday or Sat.

Go to Calgary early in the season and have them at home later. Only back to back for Riders labour day / banjo bowl

A weekend where all home games are in East on separate days so I can go to all games in one week


How about you, Rider Nation. What is your schedule wish list this year?


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