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Riders Add Canadian Talent in CFL Draft

Published: Wednesday, May 3rd 2023, 3:05am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


The CFL Draft went on Tuesday night and the Saskatchewan Roughriders did what no fans wanted them to do… they ignored the Offensive Line. While the O-Line is definitely an area of concern overall for the team, I don’t think it’s as bad as people think, to the point that I wouldn’t have gone OL in the first few rounds. But not getting one until the 6th round? I don’t think anyone saw that coming.


With their first pick (3rd overall), the Riders went to the D-Line, selecting UBC’s Lake Korte-Moore, something I thought they would end up doing. They only have Charbel Dabire and Nicholas Dheilly on the roster for Canadians on the Defensive Line, so I’m not surprised they went D-Line when everyone wanted an O-Line pick.


In the second round, the Riders didn’t go far… and how cool is this? The grandson of the legendary Al Ford, Jaxon Ford, DB for the U of R Rams was selected by the Riders. From all accounts, this isn’t a homer pick either, this was right around where Jaxon Ford was projected to be drafted. I’ve talked to Al Ford MANY times, I know he will have some great stories and great advice to share with Jaxon.


Their 3rd round pick was LB Matt Dean out of York. I was hoping they’d take a LB in the first few rounds, so I don’t mind this at all.


In the 4th round, the Riders went with Running Back Thomas Bertrand-Hudon from Delaware State. Maybe he can come in and push Kienan LaFrance for a roster spot on special teams?


The Riders didn’t have a 5th round pick, as it was sent to Montreal for Mario Alford. I think that’s a pretty fair trade off…


With their 6th round pick, the Riders FINALLY went O-Line, but not with someone they will see for a while, if at all. Sidy Sow was the pick and he was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 4th round of last week’s NFL Draft. It may not work out for the Riders, but it’s a 6th round pick… and if Sow does come to Canada in a few years… what a GREAT selection this could end up being.


Saskatchewan had two picks in the 7th round and took O-Lineman Evan Floren from Queens & another Linebacker, Nick Thomas from Manitoba.


With their final pick in the draft, the Riders selected D-Lineman Tavius Robinson in the 8th round. Robinson was drafted in the 4th round by the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL Draft.


A bit shocking that a team with O-Line concerns only took 2 O-Linemen, one of which may never come up to the CFL, but overall I think they addressed some needs, but also gave themselves some options going forward with the ratio.


Also want to give some congrats to U of R Rams and U of S Huskies drafted by CFL teams this year: 

  • Round 1 Pick 6 – OL Dayton Black (Ticats – U of S Huskies)
  • Round 1 Pick 8 – DL Anthony Bennett (Bombers – U of R Rams)
  • Round 3 Pick 25 – LB Josh White (Redblacks – U of R Rams)
  • Round 4 Pick 35 – DL Tanner Schmekel (Bombers – U of R Rams)
  • Round 5 Pick 37 – WR Daniel Perry (Redblacks – U of S Huskies)
  • Round 5 Pick 43 – DB Charlie Ringland (Lions – U of S Huskies)
  • Round 8 Pick 67 – WR Caleb Morin (Ticats – U of S Huskies)


Oh and the Global Draft was on Tuesday, if anyone paid attention. The Riders selected Australian Punter Adam Korsak and Italian D-Lineman Habakkuk Baldonado with their picks. The best part of the Global Draft, though, was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers taking a 36 year old punter. So for all of you folks out there in their mid-thirties, YOU STILL HAVE A SHOT AT THE PROS!


We’ll be talking about the CFL Draft and MUCH more on the next Piffles Podcast, coming out later this week. Be sure to have a listen!


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