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Riders aim to get families back in the building

Published: Thursday, Jun 2nd 2022, 6:06pm

There has been a definite culture shift at Mosaic Stadium for 2022, and it’s aimed at taking the team and stadium back to a “family” atmosphere.

One of the biggest complains we have seen over the past few years is that the Riders are pricing out families. Whether it be ticket prices, food prices, or the atmosphere in general, there has been a constant call for a more family friendly pricing structure. It appears the Riders decided to answer that call in 2022.

It started off with an announcement of a “family pricing” event for the June 11th home opener. A family of four can get in to mosaic stadium for as low as $99. Even if you assume that is the lowest priced tickets in the stadium, that’s still far easier on the wallet than in years past.

On top of that, many of the vendors around Mosaic had family pack food and kid friendly concession items aimed at keeping costs down for a family attending the game.

Finally, at the preseason game on May 31st, gate crews were handing out $10 off vouchers to every single person who walked through the door. For the average person coming in, that’s a free hot dog/burger/beer/etc. But a family of 4 walking through the gates is suddenly saving $40 on their meal. One vendor even mentioned they weren’t setup to take them for alcohol sales this game, but hoped to for next game, so there is a possibility this is not a one-time deal.

What was once likely a $250+ day to take the family to the ballpark is suddenly a much more manageable $125-150. In the end, the team needs to do everything in their power to entice the next generation of Rider Nation. I know I fell in love with the team going to games with my family back in the day, and hopefully this will see others start to bring theirs as well.

In the end, the Riders had started to price themselves out of the market for many families in Saskatchewan. This is the first sign in a while that the team is going to break back into a very important age group in the market. I’m curious what the team will have up their sleeve for family day on July 23rd.

What are your thoughts, Rider Nation?


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