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Riders by the Numbers – 94-90

Published: Thursday, Mar 19th 2020, 1:03pm

by Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSport)

Being the 110th season we at Piffles wanted to look at the best players to wear every number and we are counting them down as the season approaches.

With that in mind, we here at Piffles Podcast wanted to take the opportunity to countdown the best players to ever wear each number for the green and white. Without further ado I give you…

Riders By The Numbers

94 – Larry Isbell

93 – Tearrius George

92 – Bobby Marlow

91 – Cookie Gilchrist

90 – Stevie Baggs


#94 Larry Isbell

Larry Isbell spent 5 years with the Riders in the late 50s and he could do literally do everything. He was an all-star defensive back but he also played punter, quarterback and receiver.

#93 Tearrius George

“Tay” was a mainstay on the Riders defensive line from 2011-2015. While only an all-star in 2014, he was on an elite line that included the like of John Chick, Alex Hall, Ricky Foley, Keith Shologon, and a young Zack Evans.

#92 Bobby Marlow

Marlow was drafted 8th over all in the first round of the NFL draft by the New York Giants and decided he rather play in Saskatchewan. How things have changed. From the 1953 to 1960 season, Marlow ushed for 4291 yards and 34 touchdowns from the fullback position.

#91 Cookie Gilchrist

Chester “Cookie” Gilchrist may only have had 1 season as Rider but he made it count. In his only season with the Riders he put up a career high 1254 yards, before being traded to the Argos in the offseason. Gilchrist spent 3 years in Toronto before moving to the AFL where he was a league MVP.

#90 Stevie Baggs

Stevie Baggs time with the Riders may have ended in less than amicable fashion but there was no denying his talents on the field. The defensive line bookends of Baggs and Chick were a handful to opposing offensive lines and a headache for the quarterbacks.




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