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Riders can win this game, and I’m not Lion

Published: Friday, Aug 11th 2017, 4:08pm

By Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

Let’s get this out of the way DO I think the Riders are going to win? Admittedly my pick em says no, but the Riders seem to have a certain magic in Mosaic Stadium and I wouldn’t put it past them.

The difference between at home and on the road is staggering. The Riders average over 38 points at home while averaging less than 14 on the road.

Riders need to score early and often if they want to out pace the Lions high powered offense.

3 things to keep in mind for in Sunday’s game.

Jon Jennings is back

The BC lions were almost down to their third string Quarterback for this home and home with the Riders. Travis Lulay, who has filled in marvellously while Jennings was hurt, went down with sore ribs this week.

Fortunately for the Lions, Jennings has been cleared to play after going down about a month ago with a shoulder injury.

What kind of Jennings is going to show up for the Lions?

Will he be hesitant and still feeling the effects of the shoulder?

Will he pick up where he left off as one of the new young stars of the league?

Is it too late to fire up the time machine and tell the Riders to offer him a spot after minicamp instead of letting him go to the Lions?

These are answers we won’t know till Sunday if at all…

Tale of Two Lines

Riders Offensive line will look a bit different this week as Brandon Labatte moves to center because of an injury to Dan Clark.

Clark got dinged up early in the BC game, tried to play through it, couldn’t, and ended up on the 6 game IR early this week.

With a week of practise in the books, the Riders O-line should hopefully keep the Lions pass rush at bay, even with the new addition of Ricky Foley. There is a lot of talent along that line, hopefully they can keep Kevin Glenn upright.

On the other side of the ball, Riders defensive line will need a better push if they want to rattle Jennings and 3-man rush is not going to cut it. While Jennings won’t carve up a secondary with extra time like Lulay did, coming off injury the plan should be getting him moving and keeping him under pressure.

3-man rush isn’t going to cut it, even with the 13th man making Jennings ears ring.

 KG is QB OK

Once Brandon Bridge scored 2 touchdowns in garbage time last week it was time for everyone in Saskatchewan’s favourite past time, “Let’s Wonder Why The Back-up Isn’t Starting”.

Admittedly, besides the second preseason game this year, anytime Bridge has been put on the field he has delivered and the Riders are approaching that line where they need to look for the next guy. However, the Riders brass knows what they have in Bridge, and for some reason they seem hesitant to pull the trigger on him. There very well could be something we as fans just don’t see.

Kevin Glenn is the going to be the Riders QB for the foreseeable future, besides the occasional inopportune interception he has not played himself out of the starting role.

Depending how Glenn fares in the game on Sunday, maybe you look at pulling the trigger after the bye week. But if the Riders maintain their scoring ways at home it is highly unlikely there will be a change for the trip to Edmonton.

Seems every game lately is the game that will tell us who the Riders really are. But that is what happens with young teams searching for an identity, it takes some time to be consistent.

I’m leaning the Lions are going to win, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Riders win a close one either.

Game kicks off 6:00PM on Sunday, be sure to swing by the Piffles Tailgate before the game and say hi.

Be sure to check social media for our post game report from field level after the game.

Go Riders /=S=/


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