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Riders DB Nick Marshall Responds to Duron Carter’s Call Out

Published: Wednesday, Sep 19th 2018, 6:09pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


On episode 93 of the Piffles Podcast, former Riders receiver, Duron Carter of the Toronto Argonauts said he can’t wait to welcome Nick Marshall into the league.

Carter, of course replaced Marshall at defensive back when the first year Rider got hurt after the season opener and missed 5 games with injury. This Saturday will be the first time these players will meet up as opponents and we expect them to line up against each other often in the game.


It’s only fair that if Carter gets to say his piece, Marshall gets to respond. We asked Marshall what his response is to the comments from Carter:




Fellow defensive back Ed Gainey had 2 choice words for Carter, but we can’t repeat those… As for Marshall, his body language said it all. He wasn’t surprised by Carter’s comments and he won’t take them personally. He will just go out there and do his job.


This upcoming game on Saturday is a TSN Live Mic game… I say to hell with putting mics on Chris Jones, Zach Collaros, Marc Trestman and McLeod Bethel-Thompson… put them on Duron and Marshall and let’s hear this battle all game!


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