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Riders Draft Preview – Positions of Need

Published: Tuesday, Apr 25th 2023, 2:04pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The CFL Draft goes in one week and the Saskatchewan Roughriders have the 3rd overall pick as they look to build on their Canadian talent to return a winner back to Saskatchewan. I wish I could tell you that I had a proper mock draft, but I have no clue about College football, so I’ll leave those mocks to Marshall Ferguson of TSN and CFL.ca and 3 Down Nation. They put out some great stuff on the draft, so check those out as well. What I will say is that I do have a wish list for the Riders as they hit the draft. They have some definite area of needs when it comes to Canadian talent that I really hope they focus on in this draft. 


First, I know everyone is all over the Riders O-Line and rightfully so. That said, I like the young talent they have there right now with Logan Ferland, Logan Bandy, Zack Fry and Diego Alatorre Montoya, along with their vets and Americans that have been brought in. I’d still draft a few O-Lineman, but not necessarily with my first couple of picks.


Instead, I think they need to go with a Defensive Lineman or two. The ONLY Canadian D-Linemen they have on the roster are Charbel Dabire and Nicholas Dheilly. I know that the front 4 are pretty much settled with Robertson-Johnson-Lanier-Banks, but time to start developing a couple young guys for next year and beyond.


I’d also like to see them go linebacker with one of their first couple of picks and bring in a guy that can play (on special teams) right away. Micah Teitz is returning from injury, but it remains to be seen how he recovers from missing the 2022 season. Behind him there are only Justin Herdman-Reed, Tommy Bringi and A.J. Allen (Bringi and Allen were 4th round picks). Special Teamers and unproven commodities. I’d like to see someone come in and push for a ST spot and eventually push Teitz for that starting gig later in the season or next year. 


After LB and DL, go nuts with O-Linemen. They don’t need any more receivers and they’re fairly set in the defensive backfield, even with Mike Edem not returning. General Manager Jeremy O’Day has actually done pretty well with his Canadian contingent over the last few years, but it’s time to beef up the trenches. I’d love to see this team get back to bullying the opposition on both sides of the line.


All this said, I wouldn’t only go after these positions. If a guy is available that can be a great fit for you, obviously you take him. This is just where I would like the primary focus to be.


Here is what the Riders have for picks (barring any trades):

  • Round 1 (3rd overall)
  • Round 2 (11th overall)
  • Round 3 (21st overall)
  • Round 4 (30th overall)
  • Round 5 – NO PICK (traded to Montreal for Mario Alford – originally a 6th, but now a 5th because he played in 9 games)
  • Round 6 (48th overall)
  • Round 7 (57th overall)
  • Round 7 (60th overall – acquired from Calgary, along with 3rd round Global pick P James Smith)
  • Round 8 (66th overall)


The CFL Draft goes next Tuesday night and we’ll be breaking it all down after on The Piffles Podcast!


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