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Riders Free Agency – Alex’s Must Re-Sign List

Published: Monday, Dec 4th 2023, 3:12pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Now that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have their head coach in Corey Mace, General Manager Jeremy O’Day can sit down with him and start looking at the team’s roster. Time to decide who you build around and who you let go. Today, we start looking at the long list of free agents that the Riders have.

You can find the full official list of free agents here.


Out of these names, I have a few MUST SIGN guys on my list that the Riders need to have on the team going forward in order to turn this around and be successful in 2024. In alphabetical order:


Shawn Bane Jr. – He was my favourite signing from the 2023 free agent class and, despite a huge portion of fans not happy with the signing, Bane delivered. While he isn’t a true 1a alpha receiver, he’s pretty darn close and was a huge part to the offense and I expect that again in 2024. With 93 receptions and 1104 yards receiving, Jeremy O’Day would be a fool to let him get away.


Larry Dean – Another very solid season by the veteran linebacker means he needs to be brought back. The team is pretty young on defense and needs a leader like Dean around. Without much proven depth behind him in the LB group, Dean is a must sign.


Jake Dolegala – Yes, a must sign. Why? Did you see where the last two starting Saskatchewan Roughriders QBs ended up after this management team gave up on them? The Grey Cup. Zach Collaros and Cody Fajardo were given up on (at the times, moving on from both made sense) and Dolegala just needs some proper coaching. Not coaching from a Special Teams guy and an OC that should barely be in the U-Sports ranks. Plus, Trevor Harris won’t play forever and isn’t the long term answer here. Keep Jake around. O’Day can’t afford another swing and a miss on a QB.


Logan Ferland – The team’s best O-Lineman. Pretty simple, really. You win and lose in the trenches and Ferland is only getting better. Absolute must sign.


Micah Johnson – The team’s best D-Lineman. Againt, pretty simple. As of now, the team doesn’t have anyone at DT to truly replace Johnson and I don’t have either Pete Robertson or Anthony Lanier II as a must sign, so you have to keep Micah in green and white. Plus he has a relationship playing with and for new head coach Corey Mace. It just makes sense.


Brett Lauther – Despite some struggles early and battling injuries, Lauther is still the team’s best option. Not many kickers in the CFL give you a lot of confidence in 50+ yard field goals, but Lauther is one of them.


Mitch Picton – Depth piece. You can’t start 2 Canadians at receiver (Kian Schaffer-Baker and Sam Emilus) without depth behind them. Picton has proven he can play in this league and deserves to be brought back, much like the Brayden Lenius re-signing a few weeks ago.


C.J. Reavis – Reavis overtook Derrick Moncrief at the SAM LB position and was an absolute beast. I expect a good amount of change on the defensive side of the ball, but Reavis is a guy you build around. 


Later on this week, I’ll have a look at some of the names on the Riders free agent list that the team needs to move on from, despite their success in Saskatchewan.


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