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Riders Free Agency – Players to Move on From

Published: Tuesday, Dec 12th 2023, 1:12pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


As we get closer and closer to the end of the 2023 calendar year, we are going to see more potential free agents get re-signed by their teams. Last week, I shared my list of free agents that are absolute MUST SIGNS for the Saskatchewan Roughriders going forward. With that, comes free agents that won’t be retained. 


Here’s my list of Riders free agents that the team needs to move on from to be competitive in 2024. In alphabetical order:


Jeremy Clark – Usually I’ll defend the defensive backfield and say that they need time to gel. We saw that in the early 2000s with the Riders. Some looked lost until they got it figured out and then were a massive strength of the team. Clark started out looking really good in 2022, but regressed HARD last year. Move on and find another guy.


Tevin Jones – Former head coach Craig Dickenson said that Jones got benched because he couldn’t learn the playbook. He was well on pace for a 1,000 yard season and had some excellent games. Maybe something happened behind the scenes and that was Dickenson’s way to cover it up? Who knows. Either way, American receivers are typically pretty easy to find and I’d rather give a raise to Shawn Bane Jr. and keep him around instead.


Derrick Moncrief – LOVE Moncrief, so this one is tough. But it’s time to move on. He lost his SAM job to C.J. Reavis and ‘Crief was AWFUL in the secondary. Even though he’s wonderful in the community and should one day be in the Plaza of Honour, Jeremy O’Day can’t let that prevent him from making tough decisions.

*This is 100% contingent on the Riders re-signing C.J. Reavis*


Pete Robertson – The Riders have never really had any troubles finding guys to rush the QB. Robertson was one of them who came out of nowhere to have a monster season in 2022. But last year, while having an okay season, he just wasn’t the same and frankly, isn’t worth top dollar. I’d rather the team keep Anthony Lanier II around than Robertson. 


Micah Teitz – He was a feel good story in 2022, but was a huge liability in 2023. He was awful at covering receivers (though, that’s on Jason Shivers for putting him in that position in the first place) and he took bad angles in the run game. Too many times he missed tackles and missed them badly. It sucks to move on from a Canadian starter, but I would flip the ratio here and get an American in this spot for 2024. I don’t mind Teitz as a depth player and I think the Riders will re-sign him, but I’d rather his roster spot go to a younger player.


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