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Riders hire Jason Maas as new Offensive Coordinator

Published: Thursday, Dec 5th 2019, 11:12am

According to TSN's Dave Naylor, the Riders are finalizing a deal to bring Jason Maas in as the new offensive coordinator for the Roughriders in 2020.

As mentioned in a previous article, Jason Maas has a history of putting together potent offenses that thrives through the air. Over his 5 years as an offensive coordinator, his teams have averaged over 5700 yards passing and 46 offensive touchdowns per year. This is a huge improvement over Stephen McAdoo’s 4600 passing yards and 36.7 yards.

Over their careers, Jason Maas’ worst statistical year (2019 – 5286 passing yards and 37 touchdowns) is still higher than McAdoo’s average year (4626 passing yards and 36.7 touchdowns).

Jason Maas’ history as offensive coordinator:

2015: 44 offensive touchdowns and 5803 passing yards

2016: 53 offensive touchdowns and 5922 passing yards

2017: 50 offensive touchdowns and 5972 passing yards

2018: 50 offensive touchdowns and 5606 passing yards

2019: 37 offensive touchdowns and 5286 passing yards

Average: 46.8 offensive touchdowns and 5717.8 passing yards

Let’s compare those to Stephen McAdoo as an offensive coordinator from 2014-2019

2014: 40 offensive touchdowns and 5286 passing yards

2015: 33 offensive touchdowns and 3436 passing yards

2016: 29 offensive touchdowns and 5016 passing yards

2017: 49 offensive touchdowns and 5282 passing yards

2018: 25 offensive touchdowns and 3971 passing yards

2019: 44 offensive touchdowns and 4769 passing yards

Average: 36.7 offensive touchdowns and 4626.7 passing yards

Suffice to say, the Roughriders offense will look far different as we head into a Grey Cup year in Saskatchewan.

(Photo credit for article: Morley Scott of 630CHED)



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