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Riders Positional Breakdown – Special Teams

Published: Monday, Apr 17th 2023, 3:04pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Leading up to the CFL Draft, I’m looking at the roster put together so far by Saskatchewan Roughriders General Manager Jeremy O’Day. I’ll share my thoughts on each player and how I see that particular unit showing in 2023.


Our final positional breakdown gives us a look at the Special Teams (listed in alphabetical order).


Jorgen Hus – If you haven’t really heard of him before, good. That means no mistakes. Hus will be the long snapper here as long as he wants to be and that’s a good thing. I can’t tell you how many issues there have been with him around… because there just aren’t any. At only 33 years old, he can continue to be the long-snapper for 5-6 more years (and he’s great on coverage too).


Brett Lauther – I was a bit disappointed in his down year last season, but Brett F’n Lauther is one of the few kickers in the league that I actually trust to consistently make a 50+ yarder. He’ll be primed for a big bounce back year with Trevor Harris leading the offense. I always assume when Lauther has a field goal attempt, that it’s going in. Love having Lauther here in Riderville, hope he stays for another decade!


David Solie – Training Camp fodder, someone to push Lauther. Should something happen, he’s just a phone call away. Always have to keep a guy like this one the ready just in case. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will tell you first hand what happens when you ignore, then shore up, then ignore the kicking game.


Kaare Vedvik – Vedvik is a fine enough punter, but I’m still not completely sold on him. That said, I think he can still get better. Obviously he doesn’t have that big booming leg like Jon Ryan had, but if he can place the ball a bit better, that’s way more important than all the singles we got in previous years. He’ll be the punter for sure, but I’d like to see him get pushed at some point through the season by someone else.


Craig Dickenson is a Special Teams guru, so I don’t really expect any issues at all from the Teams this year, again. The return game is in great hands with Mario Alford and Jamal Marrow… special teams are far from any area of concern for this Roughriders team and should be near the top of all statistical categories in 2023.


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