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Riders Re-Sign Two Most Important Free Agents

Published: Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2024, 1:01am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Monday was a GREAT day for Saskatchewan Roughriders General Manager Jeremy O’Day. He was able to sign his two most important remaining pending free agents to multi-year contracts… and he should be given some kudos for it.


The team’s best O-Lineman Logan Ferland signed a new 2 year deal and, though the team DOES need significant upgrades on the line, Ferland is a very good one. He provides some continuity, youth and come on, he’s a local guy! Who doesn’t love that? Ferland didn’t look out of place ANYWHERE on the line when he was shuffled around last year, including at tackle and he’ll be looked upon to be the team’s anchor on the O-Line going forward. With only Peter Godber returning (so far) as starting O-Lineman from last year, it was imperative that this signing happened.


And our kicker, Brett “FUQN” Lauther was re-signed to a 3 year deal as well. Huge! There aren’t many GREAT kickers out there and he is one of them. He’s one of only 2 kickers in the CFL that I am truly confident in to make a clutch kick from 50+ yards out. Former Executive of the Green Bay Packers Andrew Brandt says it often… “Kickers are like lawyers; never truly appreciated until you need a good and dependable one.” Well, the Packers AND the Buffalo Bills found that out the hard way this weekend. Locking up Lauther is excellent news!


Are there more bigger name guys the team should be worried about re-signing? Sure. Guys like Larry Dean, Micah Johnson, Pete Robertson and Anthony Lanier II all remain unsigned. But I expect the Riders to be buyers in the free agent market when it comes to linebackers and D-Linemen. We’ll likely see some of the Toronto Argonauts free agents come over to fill those holes.


So yes, I believe that the Riders had a GREAT Monday by signing their two most important free agents to new deals. Excellent job, O’Day!


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