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Riders Release John Ojo and Nick James

Published: Tuesday, May 22nd 2018, 3:05pm

The Riders announced a few moves this morning, with the release of DB John Ojo and DT Nick James, along with the activation of DT Eddie Steele.

If you’ve listened to the Podcast at any point this offseason, you would have heard that we were pretty high on Nick James. Based on his pre-injury production, many considered him a lock to make the roster and clog up the middle. It appears, with his release, we may be looking at going with 2 Canadian’s on the middle of the line with Evans/Henry/Steele. If not, I expect to see either Rakim Cox or Johnny Maxey fill the extremely large gap left by James.

If you follow along with camp reports, the release of John Ojo shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Coming off a major injury (Achilles), it appears Ojo was getting burned regularly at practice. I expect to see Chris Lyles or Sam Williams take the spot that Ojo was temporarily penciled in at.

We will have more discussion on these moves, along with camp as a whole, on this week’s episode of the Piffles Podcast.


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