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Riders Show Character, Pull Out Win Despite Struggles

Published: Saturday, Sep 30th 2017, 4:09am

by Alex Dormuth  (@RealAlexD)

What a roller coaster game on the field and with our emotions. After struggling for pretty much 50 minutes, the Riders took the game over and won 18-17 in Ottawa Friday night.

The first half was frustrating to watch as the offense struggled to move the ball and went scoreless for the 2nd consecutive game (save for the Safety in last week’s Stamps game). Kevin Glenn was off and the defense couldn’t stop Ottawa’s running game.

Chris Jones was dead set on only rushing 3 and the Redblacks used that space up front to run wild with Powell. Much like last week the Riders couldn’t stop the run, but made the critical stops when they had to.

The second half was more of the same to start, Ottawa took a 17-0 lead and fans (myself included) on social media were upset that Brandon Bridge was still on the sidelines, watching while Kevin Glenn struggled.

Then Christion Jones took a punt 97 yards for a TD! The tide changed and from then on it was all Riders. Glenn started moving the ball with the help of some great catches by Duron Carter and Rob Bagg, Kienan LaFrance was running better and the defense took the game over.

The 4th quarter looked like what most of us envisioned would happen with a 3rd string QB playing for Ottawa. Missed throws, pressure brought and turnovers gave the Riders all they needed to get back in the game and ultimately win the game on a Josh Bartel rouge.

It wasn’t the prettiest of wins,¬† but winning is never ugly. 2 points is 2 points and now the Riders are tied for 3rd place in the West Division with Edmonton at 7-6. I don’t think many people can be upset with that.

This game showed that they can overcome adversity and grind out a win, the type of win all good teams need to grow together and build on.

Next up, the Riders stay in Ontario and take on Toronto next Saturday afternoon. We will tee up that game and talk more about this 1 point victory on the next Piffles Podcast! Until then, give us a follow on Twitter @Pifflespod @RealAlexD @Safimod @CFLHottieBowl and @GregOnSports. Like us on Facebook as well, Facebook.com/pifflespodcast and follow us on Instagram: pifflespod.

I wonder where this roller coaster 2017 season takes us next.

Go Riders!


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