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Riders Take 4 In Global Draft

Published: Thursday, Apr 15th 2021, 4:04pm

by Sheldon Jones (@sheldonjones83)

Even with all the uncertainty surrounding the 2021 CFL season, the 9 teams went ahead with their 2021 Global Draft today.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders had four selections deciding to pick FB Christopher Ezeala (Germany), P Kaare Vedvik (Norway), K John Henry Nell (South Africa) and R Sebastien Sagne (Finland).

Ezeala has some NFL training camp experience with the Baltimore Ravens in 2018 and 2019.

Vedvik has had several workouts and training camps in the NFL since 2018 with the Washington Football team, the Vikings, the Ravens, among others.

Henry Nell is currently on the roster of the Green Bay Blizzard in the Indoor Football League that looks to be starting up later this month.

Sagne delighted scouts at the Finnish combine earning an invite to the main combine after showcasing his skill and a very impressive 4.32 40 time.


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