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Riderville Roundup – April 21

Published: Sunday, Apr 21st 2024, 10:04am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Is anyone else getting a little more antsy by the day? We’re a month away from the Riders having their first preseason game against Winnipeg at Mosaic Stadium! IT’S ALMOST FOOTBALL TIME!! The offseason is just about over! Here’s what went down this week in the heart of Rider Nation. This is your Riderville Roundup for the week!


We start with a few roster moves from the Saskatchewan Roughriders. First up, a bit of a hit to the depth on the Offensive Line. Logan Bandy has decided to retire from the CFL at the age of 24. In 2022, he was thrust into the starting center position after Dan Clark was injured and while he did have some growing pains, he wasn’t too bad and showed some promise. Of course, in 2023, the Riders signed Peter Godber and Bandy was relegated to a backup spot. While this hurts the depth of the O-Line a bit, it also opens the door for a guy like Zack Fry, Evan Floren or Noah Zerr to grab an active roster spot. And the good news is this happened BEFORE the CFL Draft at the end of the month, so General Manager Jeremy O’Day and Head Coach Corey Mace have some time to think a bit more about how they approach the draft.

And another linebacker was added to the roster. C.J. Avery joins the green and white and we’ll see him at Rookie Camp in less than a month.



The Roughriders announced their “theme games” this past week and they are more of the same old things we’ve seen over the past few years. With a bit of a tweak. Gone is the Country Roots night and is replaced with Prairie Proud night… which, by looking at the team’s description of the event, is Country Roots night, but a bit more local flavour splashed in. Also gone is the Lights Out game and replaced with the “Green is the Colour” game.

And after a bit of digging, Greg has learned that the Riders are reportedly planning on debuting a new alternative jersey and logo for this “Green is the Colour” game in July. Have a look at the new green the Riders will be modeling soon. I like it, I want a bit of a rebrand and I hope there’s some good looking merchandise to go along with this!


Concept Based on Focus Group Reports – Concept By Greg McCulloch

Concept Helmet – By Greg McCulloch


Speaking of merch, I do hope that any new merch won’t be outrageously priced, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. As I was scrolling on Instagram early in the week, I saw a Rider ad for their new spring line of gear. Usually around Training Camp time I want to go out and get a new hoodie… er, bunnyhug. What I saw was a pretty basic looking one for $130!! I did a quick look at what the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have in their store and yes, while they have some pretty similar expensive products, they also have more affordable options. Something the Riders don’t. I was waiting on the right time to release this article I had written months ago about the Rider Tax and marketing the team and the time was that day. Time to get better at marketing, Roughriders! You have a super strong brand, but it’s falling behind. Get things back to the way it was!


Check out episode 265 of The Piffles Podcast where we are joined by the NEW Voice of the Riders Dave Thomas, as well as discuss the latest news around the Riders and the CFL. Dave says that it still hasn’t sunk in yet that he is the new voice of the team. Download the show now wherever you get your podcasts or you can watch the show on YouTube or SaskTel MaxTV on Demand!



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