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Riderville Roundup – January 14

Published: Sunday, Jan 14th 2024, 4:01pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


We are just under a month away from free agency in the CFL and the legal tampering window for teams to talk to potential free agents is almost here. Things are hopefully about to get a bit spicy in the offseason!


The week started off with Head Coach Corey Mace saying at the annual Winter CFL Meetings that the coaching staff is in place and will be announced shortly. We are still waiting on that announcement, hopefully we get it this upcoming week. I’m still hoping Joshua Bell from the Toronto Argonauts will be a part of that staff.


We also saw that QB Trevor Harris re-negotiated his contract, giving the Riders a bit more flexibility to sign some help around him. He was slated to earn over $500,000 again this year, but his base salary will be lower with some incentives and bonuses he can hit to make up the lost money.


But nothing this week on the signings end. The Riders still have a ton of free agents, important ones, might I add, and not one has been brought back so far in 2024. Are you concerned with the lack of big name re-signings so far this offseason?


And more sad news in Riderville. Back in April of 2021, former Riders President and CEO Jim Hopson was diagnosed with cancer. He did an interview on The Sportscage this week and the doctors and him have decided to stop treatments and for Mr. Hopson to focus on enjoying the rest of his life. I won’t lie, I started crying when he said he hopes to see the team play again this upcoming season. But the good news is that Mr. Hopson sounded his usual upbeat self. Mr. Hopson has agreed to join The Piffles Podcast in the coming weeks and we can’t wait for that episode! That big smile of his is something cancer can never take away. We’ll see you at the preseason game, Jim!


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