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Riderville Roundup – June 15

Published: Saturday, Jun 15th 2024, 11:06am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far and had a great week, like I did! First, I just want to give some props to The Rider Store for their lightning fast turnaround on my new #45 A.J. Ouellette jersey! I used my MVP coupon for the jersey and splurged to get it stitched. They told me it would be 3 weeks or so and I got it in less than 10 days! GREAT service! I’m a very happy Rider fan right now!



I know it’s a day earlier than normal, but I’m busy tomorrow, so here’s what happened this week in Rider Nation. This is your Riderville Roundup.


Let’s start with the Riders off the field. The team announced their class for this year’s Plaza of Honour and I have to admit, I said “about damn time!” when I saw a couple of the names. Darian Durant is headlining this year’s class and even though he technically went in last year with the 2013 Grey Cup Championship team, it’s fantastic that he’s going in on his own merit. 

And same with Roy Shivers. About damn time! I know the on field record of his tenure isn’t the most flattering, but he took over a brutal team and helped turned it into a competitor. Saskatchewan started to become a destination for free agents and Roy deserves credit for that. He build the core that we saw win the Grey Cup in 2007 and he deserves this honour.

I wish I knew more about Steve Molnar, but from what I’ve been reading over the past week, he is also more than deserving of being inducted into the Plaza. Congrats to him and his family for the honour!


On the field, the Riders take on Hamilton tomorrow afternoon at 5pm, looking to start the season 2-0. We will see some roster changes this week. Jayden Dalke has lost his starting Safety spot and will backup Nelson Lokombo who makes the move from corner. Taking Lokombo’s spot at corner will be Marcus Sayles who was signed before game 1, but was given a week to get up to speed with the defense. 

To make room for another American on the roster, receiver KeeSean Johnson will sit this week and Canadian Mitch Picton will draw in the starting lineup and we get our first full look at the NEW Canadian Air Force!



Facing the Ticats might be the solution to the Riders run game problems so far this season. Hamilton got scorched by the Stamps run game last week and if there was a time for the Riders to get their rushing attack going, it’s against this defense. I look forward to seeing how OC Marc Mueller gets things going tomorrow.


And Greg finally got around to doing a breakdown of the new Riders alternative logo and Obsidian green jerseys. Our resident graphic and logo snob likes them, but would make a few minor changes. What do you think?


As always, don’t miss out on the Piffles Power Rankings, out every Tuesday!



What’s next for the Riders? Tomorrow afternoon the Riders take on the Hamilton Tiger Cats in Hamilton for their home opener and then return back home where we get OUR home opener against these same Ticats next Sunday.



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