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Riderville Roundup – June 30

Published: Sunday, Jun 30th 2024, 5:06am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


Happy Canada Day long weekend, Rider fans! Hope you are having fun doing whatever it is people with long weekends do! Is it just me or is anyone else celebrating Canada Day weekend by watching the highlights (or even the full game) of the 2010 Canada Day season opener between the Riders and Alouettes? No? Just me?


Well now that I’m done re-living the past (for now), time to get back to the now, where your Riders are 3-0! Here’s what happened this week in Rider Nation. This is your Riderville Roundup!


Last Sunday was our home opener and the Riders put the boots to the Ticats, beating them 36-20, a score that truly flattered Hamilton. As always, I gave some of my thoughts of the game on The Morning After.


It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops in the game, though, as the Riders lost starting quarterback Trevor Harris in the 2nd quarter to a leg injury. He joined the team on the sidelines in the 3rd quarter and we were told he was kept out as a precaution. Luckily, the bye week was up next so Harris is able to get extra rest before Thursday’s game against Toronto. 

TSN’s Dave Naylor said on the Green Zone that Harris did have an MRI, but we won’t get an official update from the team until after the first practice of the week.

Cornerback Marcus Sayles was also KTFO’d in that Hamilton game, forcing him to miss a good portion, so we’ll get an update on how he’s doing as well.


With the team being 3-0, we’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the start of the season and as good as the star players have been for the Riders, it’s the unsung heroes, the guys the media don’t go gaga over that are making big time plays. I think it’s time they get some credit for the team’s success so far.


Otherwise, it was a nice, quiet bye week for the Riders with a few player signings sprinkled in at The Rider Stores in Saskatoon and at Mosaic Stadium. I’m sure the timing of the bye was perfect for some of the guys battling little injuries.


As always, don’t miss out on the Piffles Power Rankings, out every Tuesday! This past week, the Bombers remained in the basement and we are having fun with that… mostly because we know it won’t last forever. But if it could… 


And don’t forget to catch the latest episode of The Piffles Podcast where we discussed the Riders dominating win over Hamilton, had more fun making fun of Winni…Linnipeg and talked about all the signs on the sidelines we’ve been seeing.



What’s next for the Riders? The Riders get back to practice ahead of Thursday’s home game against the Toronto Argonauts. This game will be the biggest test for the Riders so far and we’ll get a true look at what this team is made of, with Head Coach Corey Mace going up against his former team.



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