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Riderville Roundup – March 3

Published: Sunday, Mar 3rd 2024, 9:03am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


One more (final?) blast of winter this weekend reminds us that we do, in fact, still live in Saskatchewan. While we were hoping for an early spring to get us even more excited for this upcoming 2024 CFL season, that doesn’t seem to be the case. But the farmers get some much needed moisture and we got to flip the calendar over a page and now we are just a few short months away from Training Camp!


Here’s what happened in Riderville this past week:


Four new players were signed this week by General Manager Jeremy O’Day and a few of them have some real intrigue following them.

On offense, a couple of new receivers were brought in. Former NFL’ers Dazz Newsome and KeeSean Johnson (no, not Keyshawn) are new to green and white. I was going into the offseason thinking that Jerreth Sterns’ spot in the starting lineup was, well not a lock, but you could pencil him in and the team needed to find one new receiver to start. I don’t think that’s the case anymore with these (and all the other receiver) signings. There should be two open spots in camp and this is going to be one of the big time battles to keep an eye on in Saskatoon.

On the defensive side of the ball, Linebacker Diego Fagot (fah-go) will join in the competition for the WIL LB (depending on how the ratio breaks down) or a backup spot. And Holton “Hollywood” Hill joins the defensive backfield with a chance at securing the final starting spot in that group.



Now, onto the marketing side of things for the Riders this week. An email was sent out, playing off of the “Girl Math” trend on Tik Tok. For those like me, who don’t do Tik Tok, “Girl Math” is justifying your purchases to make them seem less expensive than they are. 

In this instance, buying tickets in Pil Country is cheaper than anywhere else in the stadium, so therefore, your drinks are basically free if you compare the price of tickets and drinks in Pil Country to 55 yard line tickets.


I actually didn’t mind the ad, except for the “Take the stairs. Earn the seltzers” line. If you keep the diet shame part out of it, it’s fine. It’s not going to make me want a ticket, but I’m not the target audience here. The team needs to try and hit a new audience and I love that they tried. The execution of it was just plain bad. They should have used… I don’t know… Tik Tok(?!) and other socials to get a Tik Tok trend out, not an email. The whole thing just fell flat.



The next day, the team issued a detailed apology, which I found pretty genuine and I was impressed they did it so quickly. Good on the organization for reading the comments they got on it and issuing a statement acknowledging their error. That said, again, I love that they tried something new here, it was a swing and a miss, but I hope they keep swinging. They’ll get some right and some wrong. Hopefully the next one is right. We need Mosaic Stadium packed and need new, younger fans joining the crowd.



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